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Phone unit extension vs. User profile extension


I don't see anything similar posted, if this has been addressed somewhere else, please advise.

Running CUCM, approx. 300 7942/62 units. One desk has a 7962 unit with an assigned extension. Currently if a user logs on with their profile, the unit's assigned extension is no longer active. I'm asking if that unit's assigned extension can be permanently assigned to a line, and available regardless of whether a user logs on with their profile.

I could in theory set up every user profile with the unit's assigned extension, however given the number of users that sit at this desk, this becomes a time-consuming solution to administer. 

Thanks for any feedback.

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Yes, you can absolutely do this. For customers who do not need to lock down their phones when not in use this is usually the approach they take. All phones are configured with that user settings, i.e. DN, name, etc and do not require the user to login with EM, and EM is only used when roaming to different location/phone in which case shared line appearance is used and both phones ring at the same time, etc.

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Thanks for responding. I think I see what you mean.

We have several users/shifts that sit at this desk/phone. If the suggestion is to put multiple user DNs on the phone, I'd run out of available lines. Even assuming I could, users would still probably log on with their profiles to check their messages, rather than call the general line we have set up for accessing voicemail. I could see your suggestion working with one or two users, I'm looking at between 10-15 users.

BTW... noob here. Admin skills minimal.

So, what is your requirement? When user logs in you want the original DN on the phone to continue to ring?

If so there is no way to do this, unless you add that DN to the user device profile, the problem with that is that it would be static and if used logs onto another phone it would still have the the DN of the phone that was assigned to the profile.


Yes, exactly. Configuring so that regardless of user profile logins, original DN rings when called. 

Unfortunately that's the answer I was expecting. I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something... see your point about the unit's static DN following to another phone. I'll have to come up with something else, even if it means a second phone on that desk.

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