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Privacy feature in 7962 Cisco IP phone


    I am trying to enable privacy feature in 7962 Cisco Ip phone.I have followed the below steps as given in Cisco document:

Step 1
If all phones in the cluster need access to Privacy, keep the setting of the Privacy Setting clusterwide service parameter to True (default) and keep the Privacy field in the Phone Configuration window to Default. Continue with the following steps.

If only certain phones in the cluster need access to Privacy, set the Privacy Setting service parameter to False and set the Privacy field in the Phone Configuration window to On. Continue with the following steps.
Step 2 
For each phone button template that has Privacy, add Privacy to one of the feature buttons (some phone models use the Private button).

Step 3 
For each phone user that wants Privacy, choose the phone button template that contains the Privacy feature button.

I have tried as given above on both cluster level and device level but nothing is working .Please can any anyone offer some troubleshooting tips for the same.

Craig Dyer


     From your post can I just check a few things?

     You have two 7962 with a shared DN number?

     On both devices you disabled privacy and you rang a third phone then you should see the details (IE called party name) of call on both phones.

     When you enable privacy the name should not appear on the idle phone.

     Could you tell us more about the configuration your working on and the results your getting please?


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Hi Craig,
             The set up goes like this:I have three phones ::two 7911 and one 7962 connected to a CUCM 7.1.I have enabled privacy option as posted in my earlier post .I want privacy  to be activated internally ie when i make  call from 7962 to 7911 the no and name of 7962 should not be appearing on 7911 .But this is not working .It continues to show the no and name .Please let me know if I can provide you more info.

Hi Raja,

     The feature called 'Privacy' will not help here but there is a way to achieve your goal using translation patterns.

     If you want every call from the 7962 to the 7912s follow this section:-

     Create a new partition call something like P_Withhold and a new calling search space CSS_Withhold_CLI

     Put all all the normal partitions in there but at the top put the P_Withhold

     If you create a new translation pattern that covers the range of DN's of the 7912 in partition P_Withhold

     The translation pattern need to have restrict name and optionally restrict number set to Restricted and the CSS of the translation need to be set to something that can only ring the 7912s

     If you have followed the instructions and I haven't missed a step then when the 7962 rings a 7912 the call will just come up as private.

     If your just playing or you don't want every call with to be withheld so you can pick and choose try do this it's much easier:-

     Create a new translation pattern in your normal phones partition something like **.7XXXX set the CSS to your normal internal one.

     Set name and or number to be restricted and discard digits to PreDot.

     Now if the 7962 rang extension 71234 directly the call will show the calling party and if the 7962 rang **71234 the call would be from Private.

Does this meet your needs?


Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Raja,

Her's a doc to add to the great tips from Craig (+5 "C") This info is

applicable in CUCM 7.x as well

Unified Communications Manager 5.x and 6.x: Caller ID Blocking Configuration Example



Hi Craig,

Thanks for the information. That didn't worked with your first suggestion part. But worked fine with the **.-- suggestion.

I have associated Partition-1 to the DN (6005) and to all other devices I have associated CSS as CSS-Test. This is working fine now.

I am able to make calls to 6005 with and without privacy from other extensions.Also I am able to make the call from 6005 to all other extensions.

But here comes a different issue:

I have a SIP trunk with with RL associated to it. I am able to call all the numbers whcih goes via that trunk from all the CUCM extensions.

But when I am making a call to 6005 from that external device (not extension of CUCM), CUCM is sending 404 error for 6005.

I could understand that, to reach 6005 from other CUCM extensions we need to define the CSS for the devices to reach Partition-1. But how can I do the same for non registered entities so that calls from out side can be reached to 6005?


     As I said setting up the first option is a fiddle, but it does work.

     On to your new issue, SIP 404 (User Not Found)

     Just to clarify the point Cisco phones can call down the SIP trunk, incoming calls from the trunk do not work?

     If this is the case can you confirm that the trunk in the 'Inbound' calls section has:-

     1) A suitable calling search space, one that is allowed to call Cisco Phones?

     2) The Significant Digits has been set to the length of your DN numbers?

     Do you know how many digits the other end of the trunk is sending?

     If the above doesn't fix your issue, just as a test set the Significant Digits to 0 and the mask to 6005, which has effectively hard coded the trunk to one extension. This is no good for production but a great test!

Hope this helps,



A big thanks to you Craig,Sorry for late reply as i was busy in other activities.

All is working well now !!!!!.


     Thanks for the update, glad everthing is now working.

Have a good day,


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