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Problems loading firmware to a new 7925G phones

We are running CME version 7.1 and we have a few 7921G phones which have a firmware version 1.1.1. Recently we bought some new phones which have a default firmware CP7921G-MFG-D.7.1.LOADS. I failed to update to version 1.1.1, I am trying to load the newer verison CP7921G-1.3.4SR1 to the new phone and see if that works first then try and upgrade the software files on the flash. I am trying to load the new firmware through USB and it copies the files and says updating firmware and complains it does have a firmware image and stops. I am fairly new to CME. I appreciate any help in the right direction.



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Logan Gaffney
Level 1
Level 1

I believe you are hitting:

CSCta16641    Prohibit downgrade to old sw versions that have voltage scaling bug

If you absolutly need to downgrade the phone, you can open a Service Request with TAC and have them give you the ES image which will allow you to load whatever version you wish on the phone.