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Question for External Mic for EX60

Does anyone have a suggestion for an External MIC that canm be put into the EX60/EX90?

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saad alam
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There is support of additional microphone in Ex90 only.Support for Performance Mic 20



Saad is correct.  The EX60 does not have support for an external microphone.  It does support headsets with dual 3.5mm plugs, and with TE6.0 we will be adding Bluetooth headset support.

The EX90 has the same capabilities - headsets with dual 3.5mm plugs, and Bluetooth support in TE6.0 (which is due before the end of the year).  However, the EX90 does also support the use of an external mic - as Saad says, it is the Performance Mic 20 with part number CTS-QSC20-MIC=.  The EX90 will automatically recognize this when it is plugged into the 3.5mm jack that is normallly used for the 3.5mm headset.

Thanks Saad and Enrico for the quick response,

Saw the port and hoped it was active.

Irshad Ali
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Thanks Saad,

furthermore, is the built-in and external mic active at the same time.

Also does the inbuilt microphone need to be disabled or does
it automatically switch to the table microphone?

Thanks kindly


Assuming you are talking about the EX90, when you plug in the external mic CTS-QSC20-MIC=, it automatically overrides the internal microphone.  For simplicity, you cannot use the internal microphone at the same time as the external mic. It is one or the other - plug in CTS-QSC20-MIC= and you are now using it.  Unplug it, and you are using the internal mic.

Thanks Enrico

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Do you know where is the built-in mic of the EX60? I was requested to flush mount the unit, just to make sure I don't accidently cover the microphone.



The EX60 internal microphone is located near the lower right corner.

Imagine a straight horizontal line from the power button (located near the left corner) and you'll see a tiny black hole near the right corner on the same axis.



Dave Bohn
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So there is no way for this (external mic) to work on an EX60 even with TC7.0.2?  I'm having problems with one of our EX60's which is setup in a room too big for it's design, but needs to work as a temporary solution for a few months.

Hello Dave -

The limitation on the EX60 is that it can support wired or bluetooth headsets, but it cannot support an external microphone. This is a hardware limitation and has nothing to do with the revision of software.