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Router Pattern International Calls

Hellos Guys


I have two branches in differents countries connedted using WAN Interfaces.


SIDE A wants to call local numbers located on SIDE B so I want these numbers come out on Gateway SIDEB but I want my normal users use  the international number.


For example if I want my normal users calls on SIDE A call to SIDE B they should dial 001 305 and the rest of the number. So it it really necessary on my Router Pattern I use /+1 and the rest of the number? or I can just use 001 and the rest of number?


I don't know if  this /+ influences something on CUCM or Gateway?


There are multiple ways to do this but you’re asking a question that has more than a hundred pages dedicated to it in the SRND; it’s difficult to explain succinctly on a forum thread.

I suggest reading up on global dial plans in CUCM. The underlying principal is to “act local, think global.” Which is to say: accept localized input appropriate to the calling party’s location (eg 001), globalize that into a consistent/predictable pattern (ie +<country code>) and _then_ decide where to route the call. If the pattern leads off-net _and_ the carrier doesn’t accept +E.164 formatted-numbers (most SIP trunks do, not ISDN though) re-localize the number down at egress to what that carrier expects. Admittedly, there are countries where this can be annoying to configure, especially those where cell phones have an extra digit but are mixed in with land lines (eg Japan). This site is a good reference for national dialing plans:

There are years of Cisco Live sessions dedicated to this topic. Go watch a few of the free recordings, particularly for version 10.x or newer.
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