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schedule all the IP phone restart same time

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Level 1

Dear Team,

I have more than 1000 ip phone in my organisation and ip for ip phone is getting DHCP server configured in our  core switches (cisco 6500).

Now we are planning to remove the DHCP server form core switch and configure in a separate server.

To receive ip from the newly created dhcp server IP phones need to restart.

If I restart manually one by one there is possibility for getting ip conflict.

So I am thinking about to restrt all the ip phones  in same time  with restart schedule.

Is there any option in CUCM  to schedule a restart for all the phones ? or any body can suggest a fruitful solution for this situation.




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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

You can specify BAT phone update jobs with restart at specific time.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Rafi,

My friend Chris is most correct here (+5 for yet another great tip Chris!)

BAT is the way to go here Rafi;

Phone resets and restarts

This chapter provides information to reset or restart devices without updating any attributes. Use this procedure if a problem arises, and you must reset or restart the phones with a bulk transaction. You can locate phones that you want to reset using either a query or a custom file.

Step 1   Choose Bulk Administration > Phones > Reset/Restart Phones > Query. The Reset/Restart Phones Configuration window displays.
Step 2   From the first Find Phones where drop-down list box, choose one of the following criteria:
  • Device Name
  • Description
  • Directory Number
  • Calling Search Space
  • Device Pool
  • Device Type
  • Call Pickup Group
  • LSC Status
  • Authentication String
  • Device Protocol
  • Security Profile
  • Common Device Configuration

From the second Find Phone where drop-down list box, choose one of the following criteria:

  • begins with
  • contains
  • is exactly
  • ends with
  • is empty
  • is not empty
Step 3   Specify the appropriate search text, if applicable.

To find all phones that are registered in the database, click Find without entering any search text.

Step 4   To further define your query, you can choose AND or OR to add multiple filters and repeat Step 2 and Step 3.
Step 5   Click Find.

A list of discovered templates displays by

  • Device Name
  • Description
  • Device Pool
  • Device Protocol
  • Status
  • IP Address
Step 6   From the list of records, click the device name that matches your search criteria.
Step 7   Click one of the following options:
  • Reset—To reset (power-cycle) the phones
  • Restart—To reset phones without power-cycling
  • Apply Config—To reset only the settings that have changed since the last reset
Step 8   In the Job Information area, enter the Job description.
Step 9   Choose an insert method. Do one of the following:
  1. Click Run Immediately to insert phone records immediately.
  2. Click Run Later to insert phone records at a later time.
Step 10   To create a job for inserting the phone records, click Submit. To schedule and/or activate this job, use the Job Configurationwindow.