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Scheduled hunt group and voicemail with Unity

I have a customer requirement for a hunt group that during opening hours will be in operation and also if a call is unanswered it will go through to voicemail (rather than queue calls). During closed hours the voicemail needs to be disabled and just play callers a greeting message and then hang up. I have been able to configure a call handler in Unity that works as desired but when all the extensions in the hunt group are logged out (we use extension mobility) and a call is placed during open hours the call just gets put on hold somehow. When a member of the hunt group is logged in to a phone everything works as it should. This is creating a problem as it all relies on the accounts being logged in during opening hours for the voicemail to answer.

My current call flow is:

CUCM CTI route point 65400 set to CFwdALL to Unity System Call Handler 65400

Unity System Call Handler 65400 on a schedule with open setting to transfer (release to switch) to the hunt group pilot 65401 in CUCM

Hunt group 65401 is set to forward unanswered and busy calls back to Unity pilot for voicemail to answer

Closed setting for the Unity System Call Handler is to play a greeting then hang up

I am not sure why calls are going through to hold music when none of the hunt group members are logged in? It should just follow the Hunt Pilot forward busy and forward no answer settings right and send it to voicemail same as it does when the extensions are logged in?

Any help appreciated. Thanks.


Are you currently queuing in the hunt pilot? If not you need to enable the HP to queue calls and under the HP in the queuing section there is a setting for call-forward "When no hunt members answer, are logged in, or registered:".

If you dont enable queuing and all your members log out, the system will just treat with whats in the Forward Hunt No Answer.


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Please rate useful posts and mark answers as correct if applicable.

Hi, thanks for your answer.

I have enabled hunt queuing and it has solved the problem in that callers no longer get put on hold when no hunt members are logged in, it instead forwards to voicemail as desired. The issue I have now is that the queue has to be enabled with at least 1 slot which means that if the phones are logged in and all are busy on calls the next additional caller gets queued but the goal is to send them straight to voicemail rather than queue anyone. Any ideas how this could be achieved?


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Can you not create a second Hunt List and assign that to the same Pilot so you hunt group looks like


Pilot xxxx

LG 1 - your normal agents

LG 2 - Assign dummy agent but do not log this agent in


Then on the Hunt pilot configuration setup

When no hunt members answer, are logged in or registered - route call to VM?

Set Line group 1 as Try net member , then try next group in Hunt List

I've not tested this but based upon  the Hunt Pilot will look at LG1 first then LG 2 in an order state if no members available then follow the When no hunt members answer, are logged in or registered - route call to VM?




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