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Set soft keys on CP-7970G - SIP




I bought this used device and already managed to update its firmware to SIP, it's with version SIP70.9-2-1S, and it's working perfectly with Asterisk.


I need to configure the softkeys to make the device as simple as possible, since it will be used by an elderly person who only needs to make and receive calls.


In the SEPMAC.cnf.xml file I have already configured:



The softkey.xml file is on the TFTP server and is loaded over the phone, but no matter what I change in it and restart the phone, nothing changes on the phone interface. Here is an example of it:

      <softKeyDef keyID="Undefined">
    <softKeyDef keyID="Redial">
    <softKeyDef keyID="NewCall">
    <softKeyDef keyID="Hold">
    <softKeyDef keyID="Transfer">
     <softKeyDef keyID="CFwdAll">
    <softKeyDef keyID="&lt;&lt;">
    <softKeyDef keyID="EndCall">
    <softKeyDef keyID="Resume">
    <softKeyDef keyID="Answer">
    <softKeyDef keyID="Confrn">
    <softKeyDef keyID="Park">
    <softKeyDef keyID="Join">
    <softKeyDef keyID="MeetMe">
    <softKeyDef keyID="PickUp">
    <softKeyDef keyID="GPickUp">
    <softKeyDef keyID="RmLstC">
    <softKeyDef keyID="CallBack">
    <softKeyDef keyID="DND">
    <softKeyDef keyID="QRT"> <!-- Quality reporting tool, indicates that Asterisk should log RTP statistics when the call finishes. -->
    <softKeyDef keyID="MCID">     <!-- Identify and log the current call as being malicious.-->
      <softKeyDef keyID="Select">
    <softKeyDef keyID="ConfList">
    <softKeyDef keyID="iDivert">    <!-- Diverts a ringing call on your phone by sending a busy signal or sends a call to idivert extension if the call is connected. See Dialplan Extensions for an example. -->
      <softKeyDef keyID="OPickUp">
    <softKeyDef keyID="HLog">
    <softKeyDef keyID="AbbrDial">
    <softKeyDef keyID="Record">
      <softKeySet id="On Hook">
      <softKey keyID="Redial" />
      <softKey keyID="NewCall" />
      <softKey keyID="DND" />
      <!-- <softKey keyID="CFwdAll" /> -->
    <softKeySet id="Off Hook">
      <softKey keyID="Redial" />
      <softKey keyID="EndCall" />
      <!-- <softKey keyID="PickUp" /> -->
    <softKeySet id="Off Hook With Feature">
      <softKey keyID="Redial" />
      <softKey keyID="EndCall" />
    <softKeySet id="Digits After First">
      <softKey keyid="&lt;&lt;" />
      <softKey keyID="EndCall" />
    <softKeySet id="Ring Out">
      <softKey keyID="Undefined" />
      <softKey keyID="EndCall" />
    <softKeySet id="Connected">
      <!-- <softKey keyID="Hold" /> -->
      <softKey keyID="EndCall" />
      <!-- <softKey keyID="Transfer" />
      <softKey keyID="Confrn" />
      <softKey keyID="ConfList" />
      <softKey keyID="Park" /> -->
    <softKeySet id="Connected No Feature">
      <softKey keyID="Undefined" />
      <softKey keyID="EndCall" />
    <softKeySet id="Connected Transfer">
      <softKey keyID="Undefined" />
      <softKey keyID="EndCall" />
      <softKey keyID="Transfer" />
    <softKeySet id="Connected Conference">
      <softKey keyID="Undefined" />
      <softKey keyID="EndCall" />
      <softKey keyID="Confrn" />
    <softKeySet id="On Hold">
      <softKey keyID="Resume" />
      <softKey keyID="NewCall" />
    <softKeySet id="Ring In">
      <softKey keyID="Answer" />
      <softKey keyID="iDivert" />
      <softKey keyID="DND" />
    <softKeySet id="Remote In Use"> 

The objective is to remove options from the interface that will not be used, such as transfer, parking, conference, etc., leaving only the basics.


I appreciate all the help and tips.




================================= Message in my native language ===================================



Comprei esse aparelho usado e já consegui atualizar o firmware dele para SIP, está com a versão SIP70.9-2-1S, e está funcionando perfeitamente com o Asterisk.


Preciso configuras as softkeys para deixar o aparelho o mais simples possível, já que será utilizado por uma pessoa idosa que só precisa fazer e receber ligações.


No arquivo SEPMAC.cnf.xml já configurei:


O arquivo softkey.xml está no servidor TFTP e é carregado pelo telefone, mas independente do que eu altere nele e reinicie o telefone, nada muda na interface do telefone. Aqui está um exemplo dele:


O objetivo é tirar da interface opções que não serão usada, como p. e., transferência, estacionar, conferência e etc, deixar so o básico mesmo.


Agradeço toda ajuda e dicas.



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