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Set up a voip phone at home


Hi to all,

i want to set up a voip phone for home use.


This is the design of my home network:

I have a cisco catalyst switch with voice vlan configured on it, this extends on the router (cisco 1941) which correctly let the phone get an address via dhcp.


The ISP gave my the outbound proxy and the SIP key and now: how i can set this parameters in the router?


i dont know if this can be relevant (The configuration from the point of view of my lan):


!The Switch:
interface FastEthernet0/6
    description phone
    switchport mode access
    switchport voice vlan 10
   ! .... other opt not relevant
! The router : 
interface GigabitEthernet0/1.10
    description voice-vlan
    encapsulation dot1Q 10
    ip address
    ip nat inside
    ip virtual-reassembly in


Thanks to all.


Best Regards

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