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show voip rtp connection

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Issue is PSTN user cannot hear corporate user default greeting from unity connection, just want to be confirm the rtp packets are flowing from voice gateway and from unity connection to and fro. I think the RTP packets are not reaching to Unity connection from voice gateway, please confirm



Below is the output from the voice gateway.



sh voip rtp conn


VoIP RTP Port Usage Information:
Max Ports Available: 8091, Ports Reserved: 101, Ports in Use: 1
Port range not configured, Min: 16384, Max: 32767

                                        Ports       Ports       Ports
Media-Address Range                     Available   Reserved    In-use

Default Address-Range                   8091        101         1

VoIP RTP active connections :
No. CallId     dstCallId  LocalRTP RmtRTP LocalIP          RemoteIP
1     21900      21899      22312    17664

Found 1 active RTP connections



sh call active voice brief

<ID>: <CallID> <start>ms.<index> (<start>) +<connect> pid:<peer_id> <dir> <addr> <state>
  dur hh:mm:ss tx:<packets>/<bytes> rx:<packets>/<bytes> dscp:<packets violation> media:<packets violation> audio tos:<audio tos value> video tos:<video tos value>
 IP <ip>:<udp> rtt:<time>ms pl:<play>/<gap>ms lost:<lost>/<early>/<late>
  delay:<last>/<min>/<max>ms <codec> <textrelay> <transcoded

 media inactive detected:<y/n> media cntrl rcvd:<y/n> timestamp:<time>

 long duration call detected:<y/n> long duration call duration :<sec> timestamp:<time>
  MODEMPASS <method> buf:<fills>/<drains> loss <overall%> <multipkt>/<corrected>
   last <buf event time>s dur:<Min>/<Max>s
 FR <protocol> [int dlci cid] vad:<y/n> dtmf:<y/n> seq:<y/n>
  <codec> (payload size)
 ATM <protocol> [int vpi/vci cid] vad:<y/n> dtmf:<y/n> seq:<y/n>
  <codec> (payload size)
 Tele <int> (callID) [channel_id] tx:<tot>/<v>/<fax>ms <codec> noise:<l> acom:<l> i/o:<l>/<l> dBm
  MODEMRELAY info:<rcvd>/<sent>/<resent> xid:<rcvd>/<sent> total:<rcvd>/<sent>/<drops>
         speeds(bps): local <rx>/<tx> remote <rx>/<tx>
 Proxy <ip>:<audio udp>,<video udp>,<tcp0>,<tcp1>,<tcp2>,<tcp3> endpt: <type>/<manf>
 bw: <req>/<act> codec: <audio>/<video>
  tx: <audio pkts>/<audio bytes>,<video pkts>/<video bytes>,<t120 pkts>/<t120 bytes>
 rx: <audio pkts>/<audio bytes>,<video pkts>/<video bytes>,<t120 pkts>/<t120 bytes>


Telephony call-legs: 1
SIP call-legs: 0
H323 call-legs: 0
Call agent controlled call-legs: 1
SCCP call-legs: 0
Multicast call-legs: 0
Total call-legs: 2
3CAA : 21900 966464750ms.1 (00:02:10.581 GMT Tue Jun 24 2014) +0 pid:0 Originate  connecting
 dur 00:01:04 tx:2209/353440 rx:0/0 dscp:0 media:0 audio tos:0xB8 video tos:0x0
 IP SRTP: off rtt:0ms pl:0/0ms lost:0/0/0 delay:65/65/65ms g711ulaw TextRelay: off Transcoded: No
 media inactive detected:n media contrl rcvd:n/a timestamp:n/a
 long duration call detected:n long duration call duration:n/a timestamp:n/a

3CAA : 21899 966464750ms.2 (00:02:10.579 GMT Tue Jun 24 2014) +0 pid:0 Originate  active
 dur 00:01:04 tx:0/0 rx:3225/516000 dscp:0 media:0 audio tos:0x0 video tos:0x0
 Tele 0/0/1:15 (21899) [0/0/1.25] tx:64500/64500/0ms g711ulaw noise:-23 acom:3  i/0:-9/-66 dBm



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