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Dear,I have a unity connection setup in which publisher is in HO and the subscriber is in DR, i want to know the port list for communication between the unity connection pub and sub and in between unity and cucm,As per the link below, i managed to ge...

adamgibs7 by Level 6
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Hi,I'm using my Cisco 2821 to act as a CUBE.I have configured the below:-!voice service voip allow-connections h323 to h323 allow-connections h323 to sip allow-connections sip to h323 allow-connections sip to sip!sip-ua credentials username XXXXX pas...

Hi.As far as I can see there is support for ATA 187 on CUCM 6.1.5 if firmware 9.2.3 is used. But...Shouldn't it be possible to get the ATA to register to CUCM 6.1.2 as a "non-Cisco generic SIP device"?I have directed the ATA to a separate TFTP server...

Hello, We're trying to record audio from Cisco IP phones registered to a CUCM 8.6 using SPAN and Verint Impact 360 with no success. Verint provided us with some information to do the integration but we understand we don't need to do much on Cisco sid...

Hello,Can anyone explain to me the output meaning for each voice port result, such as admin up or down, or oper dorm or up or status and what does xcc-voice and efxs mean? Thanks, sh voice port summary                                                 ...