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SIP to FXO not working

I have have 2 UC series boxes connected via SIP dial-peers.  Read as simple site-to-site peers.

Box 1 has an FXO port connected to the PSTN.

If a call comes in from box 2 via the SIP dial-peer, with digits matching the destination-pattern of the POTS dial-peer, the call fails.

If I attempt to dial the same pattern from a registered SCCP phone on box 1, the call succeeds via the POTS line.

I also tested with x-lite SIP client pointing it to an inside IP of box 1 dialing the same pattern and the call failed to complete via the POTS.

Also on Box 1 I have a SIP trunk to an ITSP and all calls to that trunk via any phone, including unregisterd x-lite, complete successfully.

It is only when I attempt an outbound call that is SIP to FXO.


Cisco Employee

SIP to FXO not working

Have you taken any debugs on box 1 for a failed call?  Are you sure you are hitting the correct pots dial peer?  We would need to see the following debugs to determine why the call if failing:

debug voip ccapi inout

debug ccsip mess

debug vpm sig

You dial-peer config would be needed as well.


SIP to FXO not working

Thanks for the debug commands.

I figured it out...I was missing a dial-peer for the SIP leg of the call.  The system had VOIP dial-peers for patterns prefixed with '9', but this particular pattern was prefixed with '8' to force the call to the FXO port rather than use the SIP trunk.

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