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SKINNY Messages not shows in Wireshark Traces

Hi ,

Recently i am facing issue in decoding the Skinny Messages on wireshark traces. Since wireshark can't able to see the SKINNY messages the RTP streams are not properly decoded and my recording server failed to record the calls. The phone model that i am using is 7945. Does any one faced this issue and solution/suggestion to decode the skinny properly in order to record the RTP streams.


Phone Model: 7945

Firmware: SCCP45.9-4-2ES2S


Any solutions please.




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Charles Hill
Rising star
Rising star

Try and filter on tcp port 2000.

If you are capturing from the back of a phone, you will need to enable both span to pc port and allow access to voice vlan.


If you still don't see the traffic you are looking for, you can reference the following link for the ports that are used.


The other option is to use RTMT to collect CUCM traces.


Hope this helps.

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Hi Charles,


Actually i am using SPAN based call recording. where sourcing the traffic from voice vlan to a span port and trying to capture the calls through wireshark using "Telephony --> Voip Calls" menu , as the recording server application also uses the wireshark mechanism in the backend. Hence it looks for the skinny messages to detect the voip calls . since the messages are not complete the calls are not detected however when decode the UDP traffic i can able to see the RTP Stream.

After 3 days troubleshooting & search i found the SKINNY version 20 enabled IP Phones message field are changed by Cisco and wireshark could not capture the skinny messages. The Strange thing is I have few other phones in different site with the same firmware, registered to the same call manager and calls are being recorded.


Anyways i raised TAC lets wait for the reply.


thank you for the update.

Hello Ramprasath,

Were you able to find a resolution for recording the RTP stream/skinny messages?





Were you able to record these calls later ? 

I have been experiencing the same problem.. I can capture the skinny traffic over wireshark but most of the fields are blank and hence could not be recorded.

Can you share the cisco document with me which says : "SKINNY version 20 enabled IP Phones message field are changed by Cisco and wireshark could not capture the skinny messages"



Rohit Mahajan











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