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SRST ELIN Callback Translations


Looking for advice or best practice for this scenario.


We use CUCM and RedSky e911 Manager for normal operations to send emergency calls to our on-campus PSAP with appropriate ELIN information. RedSky handles the callback translations via CUCM.


I've implemented a CUBE 4431 point-to-point connection between HQ and PSAP so our designated emergency phones (connected to VG350s) can register SRST during a network outage. Now I need to handle callbacks. DNs and ELINs do not share a common pattern (i.e. extension 12345 - elin 911838483). We have over 300 device translations to apply. My first thought was to create translation rules for each number ( rule1 /12345/ /911838483/ ), but with a 100 rule limit per translation, this would mean multiple inbound dial-peers from PSAP to match at least four blocks of rules. Doable, but the call processing overhead concerns me.


Is there a better way to do this? Since the dial-peers are dynamically assigned as the SCCP devices register (destination-pattern 12345$), I can't pre-configure a second destination-pattern for each elin.


Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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