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I have a 2811 with CME 4.2 that is working fine for SCCP handsets, but I would like to use a couple of (non-Cisco) SIP devices. Is this possible? I can't find any good documentation on whether this is even possible, let alone how to do it!I am partwa...

comjf by Level 1
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I'm having one- way audio issues on both inbound/outbound calls on my phone ( I can hear caller but they cant hear me). I swapped my phone with a working phone and experienced the same issue, so I'm guessing something should be wrong with the switch ...

D@1984 by Level 1
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Hi im having a issue on my VG224. When im making a outbound call i get dialtone no issue i dialout then there is about a 15 second gap of silence before i hear ringing or ringback on the line then everything else works fine 2 way audio no issue and a...

Hello,   I have configured a Call Manager Express on an ISR 4321 router (version: 16.06.04 ==>recommended version) The issue is when an external call arrives to the operator's phone (7861 SIP) and she transfer it to an SCCP phone, both parties dont h...

Hi, I have a customer that has experienced CUCM DRS backup problems. The are running version 7.1.5. I have attached a show output and a screen shot. It looks like the certificates have expired on the publisher. Could you please confirm that this is l...

Hi Team,   We are in mid of deploying the Expressway in our current organization as we have 3 locations with 3 different clusters. So we are planning to have the same domain name for all the clusters.   Is that possible to do that? If yes please guid...

rajeshpat by Level 1
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