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Rafael Garcia

Translation Pattern and CSS


  I have a little dilema that I need to resolve. I have a range DN and DID that overlap; therefore, I have created a translation pattern to correct this problem. Here are some facts

Gateway (MGCP) --> CSS: test_GW

test_GW contains test_DID and Internal

Translation Pattern Partition: test_DID

Translation Pattern CSS: Internal (which contains Internal)

Translation Patterns converts 107X to 8107X and there is a router pattern also 8.10[6-7]X

The problem I am having is that if I use the range (e.g. 107X) in the translation pattern, the calls goes straight to the phone. If I use 1078 in the translation pattern, the call goes to the route pattern 8.10[6-7]X and it is sent to the RightFax server.

Any ideas why the translation pattern is not picking up? What I am doing wrong?

Thanks, RG

Rising star

Hi RG,

The translation pattern is not picking it up because Call Manager uses closest match routing to make call routing decisions.  In your case it looks like the called number is 1078, in that case, the actual route pattern/translation pattern/DN of 1078 is a closer match than 107X.  I would check to see if you have a DN or another pattern of 1078 or something that is a closer match that it is routing to other then the translation pattern of 107X.  The Dialed Number Analyzer tool can help out here in CUCM.



That's what I figured. Is there any other way to configure this? I am trying to avoid having to create new partitions and add them to every location (that by the way, they are about 30).

Thanks, RG

Other then playing with CSS/Partitions and configure them to not have access to the DN of 1078 as you mentioned, your only other option would be to change the phones DN of 1078 to something else or configure your range of 107X to something else that isn't overlapping with more specific matches.



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Marwan ALshawi

Can you please provide more detailed example of what you tying to achieve as in the second case the call is translated from 1708 to 81708 then it will match the route pattern you have not sure what you want to achieve exactly ?

I know exactly what I want to do. The call gets routed to an MGCP gateway that sends it to the RightFax server. I am not concerned about that part because I know it works. I just want to be able to hit the translation pattern before it goes to the phone.

My understanding of incoming calls is that they will first hit the translation pattern (if any) then  go to the devices but I guess is not like that. I'll open a TAC case to see what cisco says. Thanks everyone for all your posts.

Thanks, RG

ok why you want to hit the translation pattern ? do you want to change the caled number ?

and as mentioned above the longest match in the number win so if there is a number as 12345 and a translation pattern as 1234X then calls to 12345 will go to the number not to the TP asusming both in the same partition or the CSS has acccess to both

I have also create a dedicated CSS for that TP having Internal as the second partition so the system looks first on that other partition where the TP before getting to Internal where the phone is but it didn't work either.

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