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Two Lines on VG204 ports why ? and does this get used?

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Level 1

Have a customer who has assigned secondary DN to ports on their VG204 analogue gateways.

If he dials the first number everything is ok

When he dials second they receive network not availble tone.


  1. When / why would one use a secondary line on Analogue port ?
  2. What is the purpose of the second line on the anaologue ports



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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame

You are talking about a secondary NUMBER, not a secondary LINE.

Lines and numbers are NOT the same thing.

The reason why the secondary number cannot be reached, is because your client has got the wrong configuration, possibly for the wrong reasons.

To answer to your 1. and 2.  questions that are really the same:

Secondary numbers are meant to help during numbering changes, when the external number does not map the internal, and other situations.

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Im talking about a secondary line - thats what is says in CUCM "LINE" LINE 1,2,3,4 etc as per below

From a config perspective The lines have all the same properties as the first line except DN

What im really after  iseither Cisco guide or consise information that articulates clearly the purpose  of the secondary lines - so I can advise the client correctly

Unassigned Associated Items ----------
2 Line [2] - 2481 in AUS--INTERNAL
3 Line [3] - 2482 in AUS--INTERNAL
4 Line [4] - Add a new DN

Maybe the client wants that extension to answer to two different numbers for some reason, only they may know.

However from the display is unassigned, hence not working.

Consider, multiple DNs on a buttonless, displayless instrument, does not make much sense.

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