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UC500 - Called Name Display

Hi there i am installing an UC500 at a customer site. The CCME version of this UC500 is 4.2.3. I implemented the Called Name Display like it is mentioned on the Cisco site. First activate the service DNIS Dir-Lookup and also activated the service DNIS Overlay. Then put the MSN number of the ISDN line in the Directory Entry. But when somebody calls the extension i only see the Caller ID and not the Called ID. Could somebody help me with this ?

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Hi, please check with "debug isdn q931" and "term mon" that the called number is the same as your directory entry.

Thanks for your quick reply. I am not at the customer site right now. But i put in different versions of the numbers, so i put in :

0451234567 name Customer A

00451234567 name Customer A

451234567 name Customer A

I don't think numbers will be advertised like:


Hope hearing more from you ?

Well, you have to check. For our CME's we always setup a VPN or something to access device from remote, because customers always want some change and it's too impractical to get on site for any small need.

OK i have looked at the data you mentioned and see the correct MSN number coming in. The same as i entered in the Directory. But still no called name display.

Which exact IOS are you running ?

My IOS version is:


Hi, can you upgrade to 12.4(11)XW5? What you have is very buggy.

I will do that this afternoon and will report back my findings. Thanks for your quick reply.

I am having similar issues, I wonder if you could confirm if you got this working. More importantly, if you did, please share as I am going nuts trying to work this out!

Thanks in advance!

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