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UC520 transfer direct to VM

Level 1
Level 1

Hi to all,

I have a UC520 I configure a AA script at the end of the script I need to tranfer the incoming call directly to a VM of a user, so I follow this guide and it works, but when the call is transfered the system ask me "to insert my ID and press #". Can I jump this step directly to greeting message? (Because the external caller does not know IDs...)

Thank you very much


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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

It's not working at all, may be you're not using the right parameters.

Augusto, I state something right and you rate me an 1 ?

Or you can swear you are programming correctly when in fact it's the first time you use such a feature in CUE ?

Be more fair next time.

Hey guy be quite!!! Take a camomille!

1) I didn't rate your post I'm sure. I'm fair because in the past I already rate you with 5.

2) I'm not a rookie with UC520.

3) I use this forum to find help, but seems you use it as a competition, if you want only increase your rate please don't answer to all post only to hope someboby rate you.

So, if you have some helpful answer and you can help me I'll happy to rate you with 5, otherwise I consider this useless discussion closed.