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UCCX - Finesse: Warm Transfer (Consult) Calls Dropping

James Carlson

We are experiencing an issue where calls sporadically drop / end when doing a consulted warm transfer in Finesse. 

We are running UCCX v12.5.1.11001-348 (SU1-ES03) in an HA Environment with a Primary and Secondary server.

Our UCCX Agents are using Finesse in conjunction with their Jabber SoftPhone which is running in an IM&P v12.5.1.15900-5 in an HA Environment with a Primary and a Secondary Server.

The Jabber SoftPhones are defined in our Call Manager v12.5.1.15900-66 in an HA Environment with a Publisher and a Subscriber. 

All of the above applications are running on UCSC-C240-M4SX Cisco Virtual Hosts.

We are not using Expressways. 

The Agents are accessing Finesse via a Google Chrome Browser v106.0.5249.119 (Official Build) (64-bit). 
In addition to the above applications, the Agents have Cisco AMP and McAfee Endpoint Security running on their PCs.

Many of our Agents are working from home and connected via Cisco AnyConnect VPN. More times than not, one of the Agents involved with the calls where the warm transfer fails are working from home. 

Call flow is as follows: A customer will call in and Agent 1 answers the call via the UCCX queue department 1. The customer needs to then speak to someone in department 2. Agent 1 puts the customer on hold by clicking the "Consult" button inside of Finesse, followed by dialing the extension for department 2's UCCX queue. Once Agent 2 in department 2 picks up the call, Agent 1 in department 1 clicks the "Conference" button inside of Finesse to bring the customer on the line.

Once the customer is on the line and speaking to the Agent 2 in department 2, Agent 1 in department 1 clicks the "End" button inside of Finesse to drop off of the call. 

It is at this point that we experience one or all of the following issues: 

A) The calls drops for Agent 2 and the customer. 

B) The call drops for the Agent 2 and the customer, and the call "freezes" for Agent 1 in Finesse in their Chrome browser. 

C) The call drops for the Agent 2 and the customer, and the call "freezes" for Agent 1 Finesse in their Chrome browser, and also locks up Agent 1's Jabber SoftPhone, still showing the call as active. 

Another caveat is that we have Agents who sometimes execute a command in another software application in another Chrome tab, and as a result it completely logs them out of their Finesse tab. 

There really is no rhyme or reason to this issue. It happens sporadically. 

We had a similar issue when we were running CUCM v10.6 with IP Communicator Phones (all on-prem), but that turned out to be a setting on the IP Communicator Phones was set to advertise the G.722 codec. Once I disabled that, it was no longer an issue. 

The Jabber SoftPhones and Finesse work great with the exception of this one issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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