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UCL Essential and CUWL standard

mohammad saeed
Level 5
Level 5

Hi Guys,

I want to know about the differences between two CUCM licenses UCL essential and CUWL standard about what type fo device supported!

because one project I have UCL essential and this project has many type of phone devices and have EX60 and conference untit and many models, could they work with UCL essential?

what about CUWL standard?


Mohammad Saeed

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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Voice Systems is dedicated to Small Business voice devices. You mentioned no details, but I assume no SMB devices here. I moved your question to community with higher chance for answer.

I have CUCM 10.x with UCL ESSENTIAL license, and I have another CUCM 11.0 with CUWL License.  

This will help you to understand the difference. More details in the link.

Essential Essential User Connect License - supports one device providing basic voice or analog device (phone or fax). (For example: analog phone, ATA 186, ATA 187, Cisco 3905, Cisco 6901)
Basic Basic User Connect License - supports one device, including all Essential devices, plus basic (voice and video) call control features. (For example: Cisco 6911, Cisco 6921)
Enhanced Enhanced User Connect License - supports one device, including all Basic devices, plus advanced (voice and video) call control features including desktop and mobile clients. (For example: Cisco 3911, Cisco 3951, Cisco 6941, Cisco 6945, Cisco 6961, Cisco 79xx, Cisco 89xx, Cisco 99xx, Cisco E20, Cisco TelePresence EX60, Cisco TelePresence EX90, third party SIP)
Enhanced Plus Enhanced Plus User Connect License - supports up to two devices, and including all Enhanced devices.
CUWL Standard CUWL Standard Unified Workspace Licensing (UWL) license for Unified CM - supports advanced (voice and video) call control features including desktop and mobile with maximum of two devices per user.
CUWL Professional CUWL Professional Unified Workspace Licensing (UWL) license for Unified CM - includes CUWL Standard features and professional collaboration workspace application features with maximum of ten devices per user.
TelePresence Room

TelePresence Room license - supports room based immersive and multipurpose Cisco TelePresence System endpoints. (For example: Cisco TelePresence System Series 3200, 3000, 1300; Cisco TelePresence MX Series; Cisco TelePresence TX Series; Cisco TelePresence System Profile Series)

Dear Mohammed,

So if I have UCL Essential I will not be able to register phones 7821 and 7965 series?

because I read UCL essential support  (analog phone, ATA 186, ATA 187, Cisco 3905, Cisco 6901)?

Is that true?

The phones will register using demo lic which is valid for 60 days and u will get a warning. After 60 days they will unregister

yo mean I have to go with CUWL license to be able work with those devices? If I used UCL essential will not be able to register those stuff of phones?

Hi Mohammad,

License with PLM is decided with combination of User\Device Type\ Feature used.

Below link is the mother of all doc and explains it beautifully, i would strongly recommend you to go through the link.



Hi Jitender,

Thanks for the link. I understand from the link is all about users and OwnUserID. But doesn't related to registered, i mean CUCM will register any type of cisco phones...Am I right?



Hi Mohammad,

CUCM being a call agent provided registration to different phone model, anything that it does not support natively can be registered as 3rd party SIP devise as long as the device supports SIP.



If you read the table I posted and the link you will find that ucl enhanced will fit the requirements you posted.

For CUCM 10.x and UCL Essential I have these list of IP phones: