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Amit Kumar

Unable to access voicemail from Cisco deskphone



Need your help here. User is getting Invalid entry error when entering voicemail pin on a deskphone. Issue is not occuring with Jabber. Even if user tries to check voicemail from another deskphone issue still reoccurs. User is able to check voicemail number by dialing DDI number from outside cellphone. So voicemail pin is not a problem. Single user issue and we suspect a bug in Unity. Please advice

Deskphone model - Cisco 7942

CUCM version - 9.1.2

Unity version - 9.1.2




Saji Thomas

Hi Amit,

Assuming that no one else has the same problem, is it possible to delete this user and re-create it? That way a new user profile will be used?


Hi Saji,


Thanks for your response. We have tried all the possibilities we can do. Deleted the phone and reconfigured, deleted the voicemail profile and re-created however no joy.

Just now users updated that it is happening for everyone at site and not just one. However they can still able to access voicemail from the Jabber, it's only Deskphone which is affecting.

Hi Amit,

By your message I assume that you are using Unity software? I have never heard of it thou. Now that the issue is with all, did you get a chance to Unity support and see if they are aware of anything?

Hi Saji,


Yes we are using Unity. I have not checked with Unity support yet but since voicemail is working fine from Jabber, should it make any difference from deskphone as we are using the same voicemail template on both Deskphone and Jabber? They can even dial to the voicemail pilot number from the cell phone and access the voicemail.

Hello Amit,

I have no experience using Unity so its difficult for me to understand how it works or how it connects to the phones. I can definitely suggest you to check the vlans (if voice is on a different vlan) and the trunks connected to the Voice network. 

Also, if possible and if you have a Unity server, check the daemons or the services. A reboot of the Unity server may also help. 

Again I do not know your setup or configuration, but if possible, I would replace the phone with the laptop and see if takes the IP (in phones scope) and then try to ping the Unity server. It is possible that it works on data vlan (jabber) but not on voice vlan (phones).



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