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Hi,we seem to have acquired a delay in outgoing calls. Internal 4 digit dialling etc is instant but all outgoing (prefixed with 9) calls take an age to connect.I realise this may be down to an overlapping route pattern but I'm no expert in this. Our ...

louis0001 by Level 3
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Hi, i've a cisco 7861 phone with cucm 9.1.I want to use the BLF function with this phone. We use this phone at the reception and they want to know which employee is talking with someone. i saved a few numbers in the number block on right sight - butt...

Hi We are using Cisco 2900 Router where IOS "c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-3.T1.bin " is used , where sh ip int br show Serial 0/0/0:15 is down down...we checked with the Telco they used PRI meter & confirmed that there is no issue from there end ...n...

Hello I have a setup where the two ends of link are routers conencted to PABX Trunk dialling is required but when then call there is a message "Call Cannot be completed" before the call is actually forwarded and established fine. Any advise as to how...

Hi everybody,I am starting on IP telephony. Here is my lab set up: ( I am using soft phone  X lite) EXT:2000)----- am using SIP for signalling.  EXT 2000 calls  EXT 2001, I can see SIP messages ar...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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In UCCX 8.5 SU3, the rtcsqssummary table is not showing all CSQs, seems to be capped at 35.  Any idea why?We just recently had to complete the SU3 upgrade to resolve an issue with the rtcsqssummary  tables not updating after a hardware failure.  Seem...