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Unable to get the list of connected phones in a CUCM Line Group

I am looking for an interface to get the list of connected phones in a line group. I want to see how many phones are logged in/ connected in a particular line group/ hunt group of CUCM.


On Cisco DevNet, I read we can query such information using AXL SOAP interfaces


I downloaded the AXL SQL Toolkit Plugin from cucm administration portal and copied WSDL file from the downloaded zip file. I imported the wsdl file in SOAPUI and tried pulling the List of Line Groups and List of Hunt List but both functions are returning Item not valid response.

 Exact error which I am getting is;

Item not valid: The specified LineGroup_KBS was not found


However, I can see my both Hunt List and Hunt Group on CUCM Administration portal. 


Am I missing anything? and also is this the right approach to fetch such real time data.





Did you try to use RTMT with perfomance counters for Hunt List or Hunt Pilots?

There is a counter "MembersAvaliable" that represent number of lines that a currently logged in to the hunt group and avaliable to take calls (as i understood).


Object: Cisco Hunt Lists
Counter: MembersAvailable
Desc: This represents the total number of available or idle members of line and route groups belonging to an in-service hunt/route list. An available member is currently handling a call and will accept a new call. An idle member is not handling any call and will accept a new call. A hunt list member can be a line group. A route list member can be a route group. A member of a line group is a directory number of a line on an IP phone or a voice mail port.  A member of a route group is a station gateway, a trunk gateway, or port/channel of a trunk gateway.

Thanks @aakozlov85 for the reply. Yes, I can see the "MembersAvailable" in RTMT tool.


The reason I am trying to do this through Cisco AXL (SOAP APIs) because I want to display logged-in users in a Finesse gadget. For gadget I will need a API or database call to pull the information.


Any help in calling AXL API will be great.

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