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Unity 4.0(4) Upgrade to 7.0


I have to perform an upgrade from Unity 4.0(4) to 7.0 on new hardware.  My game plan at high level is below:

1. Build out the exact same version of 4.0(4) on the new HW (consists of 1 Unity Svr and 1 Msg Store Svr)

2. Once running on 4.0(4) upgrade the new servers to 4.0(5)

3. Now run COBRAS

4. Format and rebuild new servers (again) with the Unity 7.0 discs

5. Import the COBRAS file

I know this sounds tedious but the client does not want to touch the old production Unity servers.  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!


Re: Unity 4.0(4) Upgrade to 7.0

Maybe a little more info would help

Sounds like its voicemail only correct?  Exchange onbox with Unity 4.04 correct?

Here is what I would do:

DIRT backup 4.04

Rebuild 4.04 on the new hardware server and run it for a couple days to make sure the restore is working correctly.

Once all is working with 4.04 on the new hardware, go ahead and make a DIRT backup, pull a drive (test the mirror also that it is working)

Do an inplace upgrade from 4.04 to 7.x.

Once the upgrade to 7.x works for you and tested, pop the drive in and rebuild the mirror.

Remember, if you use COBRAS, it does get everything like DIRT does.  COBRAS works well in certain scenarios.  You read the help file of COBRAS to better understand what it can and can not do.


Re: Unity 4.0(4) Upgrade to 7.0

Hi tcatlinins,

Thanks for the input, it is (1) Unity server VM only with (1) Msg Store server (Exchange off box).  What do you mean by in place upgrade?  Don't I have to wipe out the 4.0(4) build completely since they will be running on Win 2000 OS and 7.0 runs on Win 2003 OS?



Re: Unity 4.0(4) Upgrade to 7.0

I was assuming that you had new hardware.  The existing 4.04 hardware would still be used until you are ready to cut.

Basically, DIRT export the database.

Rebuild the new 4.04 server Unity server, then DIRT import everyone to new server (windows 2003, etc).

Shutdown the old server.

Let it run for a couple days, then do an in place upgrade from 4.04 to 7.x.   Granted, I have not looked if that path is acceptable to go from 4.04 to 7 directly.  I assume you can.

If you wanted to use COBRAS, you can.  Simply install the new 7.x server, home it to the Exchange server.  Test everything out with CUCM, MWI, etc.

When you are ready, simply COBRAS export the subscribers out, and import them back into the server.   But since they are on the same domain, you will have to delete them from the existing server.  They can not reside on both Unity servers in the same domain.

I prefer to use DIRT with your example if I have new hardware.

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