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Daniel Flieth

Unity Connection - How to disable the prompt when access voicemail with 0 messages

Hey guys,

when my voicemail dont have a new message but i want to login to the voicemail i dont want to hear "Hello ......, for send a message please press 2. You dont have new messages"

The same for recording a message to a voicemail. When i call someone who forwarded to voicemail i hear "please leave a message after the tone...when your finished you can wait for additional options"

I think there must be a way to disable this or nor?

My customer told me that he just wants to hear on his own phone "you have no new messages" or when you want to leave a voicemail "please leave a message and hang up"

So just simple without send messages and so on.

Hope somebody could help me.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Daniel,

For question number two ...this can be set on the greeting page for

the Subscriber/user;

Callers Hear

This is set at the Template level so changing it won't be retroactive to users who have

already been configured. You will need to use Bulk Edit , but it can be applied to newly

created users.

I'm not sure that number one can be changed, but you can look at the "Message Playback"

section of the user config.



"And if I should fall behind
Wait for me" - Springsteen

Hey Rob,

thanks for the reply.

Ok but when i do this, the user has to record a personal greeting.

But with unity its pretty nice that the name will be spoken by the system and the users dont need to make the setup for a personal greeting.

So my wish would be, use the cisco default greeting "Please Note is not available, you can leave a message after the beep, then you can hang up"....the "or you can wait for additional options" i dont need

But i guess this will be just one soundfile where i cant change anything.

Best Regards


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