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Unresponsive CCMAdmin page



we're occasionally getting more slow to unresponsive web ccm admin pages. Restart of Tomcat service is currently our only solution. looking deeper into it, we found lot of admin users logged in doing mac activities all at the same time. and also considering some few users browsing their ccmuser pages.


these are all noticed on publisher as it normally should. however we get complaints more frequently in the past weeks so we need an effective solution that can help us on it. I was told that we should be able to split the process of ccmadmin work in subscribers too. meaning that we do some  configuration on web admin pages of subscibers and that wont create any issue since the publisher is the only writable database. Configuration on Subs will still be pushed on publisher and then into its database and then replication


Question is aside from usual documentation that says do the config on publisher, is there also a documentation that says we can do the configuration on Subs?


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Generally, it is not a good

Generally, it is not a good practice to make changes on the subscriber. I remember when I started out my UC career, I screwed up my cucm cluster (4.1) making changes on the subscriber. I am not sure if on the latest releases there is huge impact on doing this. One thing to have in mind is that doing frequent changes on a call processing subscriber could have its own impact. The server will be constantly pushing configuration changes to the publisher as well as performing its call processing functions..That in itself could be a problem..

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Hi , yes that is being

Hi ,


yes that is being considered a possible threat if we do this without caution. i'm thinking doing it on TFTP servers since they only provide minimal service/system utilization. Really appreciate your thoughts. we can also have others sides too but im really looking into some sort of documentation about this, if not directly but perhaps a recommended threshold for # ccmadmin users active sessions before it goes unresponsive.


Any other thoughts please??

Any other thoughts please??



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