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Update hadrware resources for CUCM in UCS

conie saga

Hello all,

We have CUCM 8.6 running in UCS.

The ova file used before installing CUCM 8.6 on UCS was for less number of resources ( 1xvCPU, 1x80GB, 4GB RAM ).

I need to increase resources of VM, so instead of 1=vCPU & 1x80GB, 4GB RAM i want 2 vCPU and 2 x 80 GB, 6GBM RAM.

If i increase the number of vCPU, RAM & HD from vSphere Client manually, what is the risk in CUCM database, will it effect or it will be safe ?

Is there any way to upgrade the ova file in running VM instead of building new VM with new OVA file ?

Kindly help.



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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

As you are editing the vDisk as well, so take a DRS backup, deploy new OVA and reinstall. Then restore the DRS backup on the same version.



Basically i need to increase the disk size because upgrade from 8.6 to 10.5 went failed due to less hard drive space in publisher.

So there is no way to increase disk space on running VM ?


In 10.x there is no OVA template which requires a second HDD:


Maybe you should clean up your disk.

Within the CUCM 9.1 Utilities there is a cop file to free space. It deletes the inactive side. (Cisco free common space COP file)



If you're still need more disc space you can use this cop file UCM VM Dynamic Disk Size Reallocation COP File. (pre CUCM 10)


Hello bernhardczapp,

We were upgrading CUCM 8.6 to 10.5 but unfortunately it failed with an error saying there is no disk space available, we opened case wtih cisco & we were advised to perform following tasks to free disk space:

Clear the logs is from RTMT tool, download the old log/traces and delete them from the server with this process:
1)      Login to RTMT
2)      Go to Trace & log central
3)      Select Collect File
4)      Select All service checkbox and All server checkbox, click next.
5)      Select a period of time. Select all the time frame for the logs that you do not need anymore, example from January until July. (Also there is a drop down so you can clear the ones from the inactive partition.)
6)      Select the Delete file Checkbox.
7)      Click finish

We followed procedure & after 8 hours it made 6495 MB space free. Before was 36444MB & after process 29949MB.

Reason i mentioned about new ova file for CUCM 10.5 is that while creating VM i will have option to select 7,500 users (this will give me 2x80GB, 2xvCPU, 1x6GB RAM)

I will try installing your suggested cop files & will update you. Do i need to restart Servers after cop file installation ?

But if you have alternate solution please share.

Kind Regards



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