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Upgrade from CUE3.x to 7.x voicemail is not working

Dear Community

i was trying to upgrade my CME/CUE versions from 3.x/4.x to 7.x, i have followed the following steps

  1. upgraded CME from 4.x 7.x
  2. tested all phones registration and calls, all are fine.
  3. CUE couldt test cos of the interoperatability

Next was upgrade CUE, i opted normal method but its failed whilie upgrading the i had to do a boothelper method, once after the upgrade it prompt me to use the config from Disk - i opted that.

After the restart, i reconfigured CME to CUE everything seems to be normal but voicemail is not working ... when i try to dial autoattendant number and voicemail number from CME phones i am getting reorder tone.

I checked CUE licenses also updated the migrated licenses,

se-172-16-2-252# show license status application
voicemail enabled: 6 ports, 6 sessions, 50 mailboxes
ivr disabled, no activated ivr session license available

Also find the "show license inuse" output

se-172-16-2-252# show license in-use
StoreIndex:  0  Feature: VMIVR-VM-MBX                      Version: 1.0
        License Type: Permanent
        License State: Active, In Use
        License Count: 55 /50
        License Priority: Medium
StoreIndex:  1  Feature: VMIVR-PORT                        Version: 1.0
        License Type: Permanent
        License State: Active, In Use
        License Count: 6 /6
        License Priority: Medium

CUE Configurations

SIP Configuration
voice service voip
allow-connections h323 to h323
allow-connections h323 to sip
allow-connections sip to h323
allow-connections sip to sip
supplementary-service h450.12
fax protocol cisco
  registrar server expires max 3600 min 3600

dial-peer voice 99 voip
description ** VoicemailPilot number **
translation-profile outgoing PSTN_CallForwarding
destination-pattern 777
session protocol sipv2
session target ipv4:
dtmf-relay sip-notify
codec g711ulaw
no vad
dial-peer voice 100 voip
description ** auto attendant number **
translation-profile incoming PSTN_CallForwarding
destination-pattern 778
session protocol sipv2
session target ipv4:
dtmf-relay sip-notify
codec g711ulaw
no vad


GMS-CCME-R1#debug ccsip ca
GMS-CCME-R1#debug ccsip calls ?

GMS-CCME-R1#debug ccsip calls
SIP Call statistics tracing is enabled
GMS-CCME-R1#csim start 777
csim: called number = 777, loop count = 1 ping count = 0

csim err csimDisconnected recvd DISC cid(59)
csim: loop = 1, failed = 1
csim: call attempted = 1, setup failed = 1, tone failed = 0

Aug 14 06:50:42.446: //59/1742FDC880A6/SIP/Call/sipSPICallInfo:
The Call Setup Information is:
Call Control Block (CCB) : 0x47D619F0
State of The Call        : STATE_DEAD
TCP Sockets Used         : YES
Calling Number           :
Called Number            : 777
Source IP Address (Sig  ):
Destn SIP Req Addr:Port  :
Destn SIP Resp Addr:Port :
Destination Name         :

Aug 14 06:50:42.446: //59/1742FDC880A6/SIP/Call/sipSPICallInfo:
Disconnect Cause (CC)    : 47
Disconnect Cause (SIP)   : 200

i am not good in unity express troubleshooting, kindly advice me if further command output is required



Hall of Fame Master

Check with "debug ccsip message" and call from a phone, not csim.

Note with boothelper upgrade you have lost most of settings so you have to do them again.

Always do a complete backup before CUE upgrade.


Thanks bevilacqua for a quick support

I have to be at customer site to do the real call test, i will do it and update the finding ASAP mean while let me ask you something

  1. I had taken the backup of CUE before doing the upgrade, but i cant see any possibility to restore the backup in CUE after the 'Clean' upgrade, I belive normal case it will allow only restore from the backup taken by the same instance - is there any way to restore ?
  2. Is there any way re-invoke the Initialization Wizard

Thanks for the support



1. backup / restore is supposed to be compatible across releases.

2. you will not need to restart wizard. Any change can be made from cli.

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Thanks everybody for helping me

No solutions worked, Finally i had to do "restore factory default" and reconfigure everything. anyway, now the setup seems to be stable and working fine.



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