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URGENT- CUCM14 docker0 interface conflicts with enduser's IP range

Ammar Saood

We have 2x CUCM 14.x on 2x BE7K-M5 servers. IPs in the range of ( have problem connecting with CUCM, IMP and CUC. However, If the same IP is assigned to a Windows machine it works fine, but with CUCM , IMP & CUC it doesn't.

While checking "show network route" on cucm, it shows there is a docker0 interface inside cucm that uses this IP range apart from eth0 interface.


ARP is unable to resolve as it is using the docker0 interface instead of Eth0; therefore, traffic destined for goes out of docker0 interface. 


attached is the screenshot for:

"show network route"


Is there any work around available ? Since changing CUCM IP address to a different subnet range won't help as endusers voice VLAN and docker container are in same subnet.



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CSCve84297 Explains a similar problem on APIC. I assume that TAC should be able to get root access and change the ip address of the docker0 interface. Looks like a TAC case is in order. Let me know if that helps.


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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Interesting, in the training they did explain all the changes that 14 had in regards to several services now running independently in their docker container but they never mentioned anything related to the IPs they used or any interactions with the eth0 IP address.

The installation guide and the upgrade guide have no mention of this (not use x.x.x.x IP) or anything similar, so this does need a TAC case to have this looked at, and if necessary, to have the BU know about this and update the documentation if necessary.



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Jaime, absolutely. I completely agree with your assessment.

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Ammar Saood

I have opened a tac case with cisco. Let's see what work around they have. Thanks Jaime & VON for your help.

This COP file provides a fix to address the following issue:
CSCvx24118: UCM 14 default install does not communicate with network


Yes, the COP file addresses this issue. I will be installing tonight and will update tomorrow with results. TAC explained that CUCM 14 base doesn't allow access for network and the COP file is supposed to open it up.

After testing with my user this morning, I can confirm that the COP file fixes the issue. It removes the docker0 entry in show network route.

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