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User receiving invalid username or password while pressing the voice message button

Hi All,

We recently migrated a user along with many others to unity connection 8.6x and an off prem. exchange 2010 environment. Now when the user presses the message button on the phone she receives and error stating “Incorrect username or password”

I have confirmed the following;

-the phone device profile is pointing to the correct voice mail profile.

-the user is provisioned correctly in CUC with a working unified messaging profile

-her pin is not locked and has been reset.

-the user does not have viewmail installed on her workstation

-the user is able to get VMs in outlook as emails

-the CUCM account is enabled and configured correctly

-she is able to log into the CUC Ciscopca portal

Im at a bit of a loss for what the next troubleshooting steps would be. We have migrated about 500 users to this new configuration and am only seeing this issue with her.

Any ideas?

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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Nicholas,

A couple of further tests that may be helpful.

- have the user dial the VM Pilot# rather than use the Message button (results)

- have the user dial the external access VM # (results)

- check for DTMF being sent from her phone

- check to see if she has other lines on her phone and the setting for

"always use prime line for VM"

- try this Tool from the excellent suite of Unity Tools to have a look

to see what info is passed to Unity Connection on a failed attempt

from her phone;

Port Status Remote Monitor for Connection (rPSM)



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