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I see everywhere that Jabber is used on the lab but as you know making the jabber work needs intermediate/advanced knowledge of installing & configuring IM&P, which is not the case for someone who just started to learn the collaboration.


I want to use CIPC softphone to practice the collaboration topics. Is it possible to install more than one instance of the CIPC on a single PC or it is needed a separate PC per one? for example if I want to have 5 CIPC phones, do I need to have 5 Windows VMs?

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Jaime Valencia
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You would need one machine per CIPC, you can try with ipblue, I believe it can run multiple instances but not 100% sure.



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If you don't need all five to be running at once you have have one installation and edit the settings as needed.  That's what I do for some customer tests.  It ought to be possible to create a set of .reg files to change the registry settings, but I've not figured that out yet.

Yet another issue! I installed CIPC on both VM machines (one is Win XP and another is Windows Server), but after the system was restarted, CIPC showed an error regarding the sound device (specifically it stated Audio Tuning Wizard cannot be run). The Win XP machine has voices and I was able to play music on it and hear the sound, but on Win Server I have no any voice driver installed. 


These made me think if CIPC isn't supported on the VM machine, regarding the lack of dedicated voice driver on the VMs. Had you been able to run the CIPC on VMs?

Thats a VM setting I believe. You need play with some settings. Have a look on below link.

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it is possible to add sound card to the VM but I saw someone has mentioned that CIPC isn't supported on the VM and that was correct. This is the reference link (See texts under Platform Requirements title):

I routinely run CPC in VMs running in VMware Workstation 15.  One VM runs Windows 10 and one runs Windows 7.  There seems to be some sort of "magic" about getting the microphone recognised but the bottom line is that if you don't see anything listed under "Soud / Recording Devices" (Win 7) or "Sound / Input" (WIndows 10) then CPC is not going to run.

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