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Voice messages do not arrive at anytime (Unity Con 8)

Hi al,

Good morning,

I was wondering if you could help me to resolve an issue with my new system unity 8.

In a CUCM enviroment I was able to integrate a Cisco Unity Connection 8 for voice mail usage.

Everything is OK

* Licenses

* Registration

* registered Voice Mail Ports

* I can hear the annunciator for voice mail in order to leave a voice mail message.

     * After recorder my voice mail message, The operator gives me the option (#3) for repeat the message, It can do that.

* It sends de message.

And at the telephone where the message arrives, I can press the voice mail key, enter my PIN, but there is nothin, I dont have any new messages.

I've cheked both phones had the same voice mail profile in their line. The only fact that could cause the problem is that some months ago a Subscriber for the Cisco Unity con 8 was added, so we have 200 ports and now I see 100 ports registered from the UC Pub and ther left on the UC Subs.

I've doing some tests, I've shutting down the UC Sub for redundance but half of the ports registered on it wont register on the PUB, they remain unregisteres.

Here are some screenshots.

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Hi all,

It is solved,

I opened a TAC and I was told by a Unity Connection Specialist, that we’ve experienced that problem because a user locale mismatch on our current system. That’s right; we had a Spanish locale that did not fully match out CUC version.

admin:show cuc locales

uc-locale-es_CO-  es-CO

admin:show version active

Active Master Version:

So, we were advised to install/upgrade these versions.



What I did then was.

  • •1.       Uninstall the current locale (because of this problem
  • •2.       Upgrade our CUC Publisher.
  • •3.       Restart with the switched version updated.
  • •4.       Update our CUC subscriber.
  • •5.       Restart the subscriber switched version.
  • •6.       Install the locale on both servers.
  • •7.       Restart again.

After that I was able to send and receive voice mail instantly, like ‘magic’ .  and the MWI worked well also.

Just one tip, make sure to back up your auto attendant audio files, for one reasons the auto attendant preserved their configurations but not the welcome greetings, so I had to re-upload them again. No big deal.

So, I guess Cisco has 5 stars again.

Kind regards