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Wrong status for Faxes on SPA2102

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I have a SPA 2102 set in Pass-through mode that is connected to a Brother Fax machine. The SPA2102 is a replacement for another ATA.

The fax machine is reporting that the faxes are going through, almost 100% of the time. The problem is that the receiving end is apparently not concurring with the status, as they aren't receiving the fax and nothing is printing.

The carrier was selected such that it uses g711u and T.38 is disabled.

We weren't having this 'status' problem with the other ATA - it was reporting that the faxes were unsuccessful, not falsely reporting that they faxes were successful, which is worse.

There are no other differences in the environment, other than the swapping of the ATAs.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Rob Morin

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Try this:

A)   Set on your Brother fax the "compatibility" option in "base". See fax manual for details.

B)   Verify SPA2102 configuration using instruction below:

NOTE: T.38 Fax is only supported on the SPA2102, SPA3102, and the SPA8000. The SPA2102 and SPA3102 support a single connection, while the SPA8000 supports one connection for each pair of ports (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8) for a maximum of four connections.
To optimize fax completion rates, complete the following steps:
1. Upgrade the Linksys ATA firmware to the latest version
2. Ensure that you have enough bandwidth for uplink and downlink.
     • For G.711 fallback, it is recommend to have approximately 100Kbps.
     • For T.38, allocate at least 50 kbps.
3. To optimize G.711 fallback fax completion rates, set the following on the Line tab of your Linksys ATA device:
     • Network Jitter Buffer: very high
     • Jitter buffer adjustment: disable
     • Call Waiting: no
     • 3 Way Calling: no
     • Echo Canceller: no
     • Silence suppression: no
     • Preferred Codec: G.711
     • Use pref. codec only: yes

4. If you are using a Cisco media gateway for PSTN termination, disable T.38 (fax relay) and enable fax using modem passthrough.
     For example:
          modem passthrough nse payload-type 110 codec g711ulaw
          fax rate disable
          fax protocol pass-through g711ulaw
5. Enable T.38 fax on the SPA 2102 by configuring the following parameter on the Line tab for the FXS port to which the FAX machine is connected:
     FAX_Passthru_Method: ReINVITE
     NOTE: If a T.38 call cannot be set-up, then the call should automatically revert to G.711 fallback.
6. If you are using a Cisco media gateway use the following settings:
     Make sure the Cisco gateway is correctly configured for T.38 with the SPA dial peer.

     For example:
          fax protocol T38
          fax rate voice
          fax-relay ecm disable
          fax nsf 000000
          no vad