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Setting Alternate Number on addLine


I am trying to set the Alternate enterprise and e.164 numbers when using adding new lines to cucm. I have found that these values in the addLine function are only used for update and get so I am having to do a sql query to manipulate these values. It looks like the table I want to change is called alternatenumber and from what I can tell the only required value is the fknumplan which should be the PKID from the numplan table however when I try to do an insert I am getting the following error.

<faultstring>An Alternate Number can only be associated to directory number or line template.</faultstring><detail><axlError><axlcode>19145</axlcode>

Has anyone done this before and have an idea what I am missing.

Here is my sql query insert into alternatenumber (fknumplan) VALUES ('".$val."')

I have tried using the following for the fknumplan insert value

pkid from the numplan table with and without the {}

abd the dnorpattern it's self from the numplan table.


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Can you use <updateLine> ?

The below works on my 10.5 test system:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ns="">















Should this work in CUCM 11.5?  

I would think so, are seeing an issue..?

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