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Running 802.3ag on Metro6524 on gig port

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IXIA-----------Juniper PE------------P------------------CiscoME6524 (gig port running Xconnect).

This is with refrence to the above topology, I  want to run xconnect from Cisco to juniper. On the same port where I am running xconnect is it possbile to run cfm in up MEP direction. Does this box support up MEP in Eompls port if so could you please guide me the configuration.

Refer to the above link. it shows that this box supports cfm, in CCO I could not find any doccuments relating to configuration of cfm in eompls port of ME6524. normally it has to support  up MEP in Eompls port.

Q. Does the Cisco ME 6524 support Ethernet Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (E-OAM) protocols?

A. Yes. Starting from 12.2(33)SXH, the Cisco ME 6524 supports the IEEE  802.1ag and IEEE 802.3ah E-OAM protocols. The 802.1ag Connectivity Fault  Management (CFM) provides end-to-end per service (VLAN or Ethernet  Virtual Circuit) connectivity management and fault isolation. 802.3ah  Ethernet Link OAM operates on point-to-point and offers OAM discovery,  link monitoring, and remote failure indication. IEEE 802.1ag and 802.3ah  on the Cisco ME 6524 complement the E-OAM protocols offered by the  Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series, thus providing an end-to-end management and  monitoring solution for Carrier Ethernet services.
Sudhin Jacob CCIE R&S,SP#28680
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When refreing to the below link.

Ethernet CFM is an end-to-end per VLAN Ethernet layer OAM protocol that  includes proactive connectivity monitoring, fault verification, and  fault isolation. End-to-end can be provider-edge-to-provider-edge  (PE-to-PE) device or customer-edge-to-customer-edge (CE-to-CE) device. Ethernet CFM, as specified by IEEE 802.1ag, is the standard for Layer 2  ping, Layer 2 traceroute, and end-to-end connectivity check of the  Ethernet network.

The switch does not support:

CFM transparency in VPLS or EoMPLS pseudowires

Provider-edge E-LMI

CFM on bridge domains (supported on switchports only)

These sections contain conceptual information about Ethernet CFM:

This seems confusing.

Sudhin Jacob
CCIE R&S,SP#28680

Sudhin Jacob CCIE R&S,SP#28680