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I need retransmission to occur but FTD is not forwarding them.Is this related to the tcp map? tcp-map UM_STATIC_TCP_MAPno check-retransmission                <------------no checksum-verification

caguilarb by Level 1
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Greetings,I am trying to establish CFM connectivity using emulation (CSR1000v).I am running VPLS (Manual discovery) for end to end connectivity.The topology in use is CE4 - PE2 - PE3 - CE6Connectivity in place , what am not able to get the remote mai...

MTA by Level 1
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Pim{ rp{ static{ address{group - ranges{}}}}{Int Fe -0/0/0.0 mode sparse;Version2;}Try to migrate Juniper configuration to Cisco ASR but configuration not working properly 

configuration card type 0 4controller e1 0/4/16framing crc4cem- group 0 unframingline code hdb3After this configuration controller still downE1 interface is upWhat will be the issue, anyone suggest ?   

Hello   I have server-mapping in network  segment routing in operator  i want tp know if  server-mapping need a License to install  or not ?   I wait a reply from expert segment routing cisco   Thanks in advance

Morning All,New to the forum and had a question regarding adding a module to a 903. Module is a A900-IMA2ZBeen looking around and saw that you can replace a card without powering it down, but can you add a new card to the system without powering it d...

Hi,   I am new to VPLS. I am trying to test VPLS in the lab initially. My set up is extremely basic at present.   CE1 (3560CG-8) ---- PE1 (3850-12XS-S)----PE2 (3850-12XS-S)----CE2 (3560CG-8)   I have followed the instructions on the following Cisco c...