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Hello,I am studying for Cisco SP VPN certification and am a bit confused while going through the Ethernet OAM and CFM topics.CFM topic refers to the following terms without giving any explanation on what they are:- Relay function side- Wire sideI eve...

aghufran by Beginner
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Hello!I have bought a few Cisco C9500 (C9500-24Y4C) that I want to be used as leafs in a VXLAN EVPN setup (Multi vendor, different spines) I'm trying to get the local VLANs in the C9500 to get encapsulated and sent across the tunnels to the nve peers...

Hi Experts, Is there a way in an EVPN Multihoming Active/Active Scenario to be apply QoS policies on the CE facing interfaces in such a way that QoS policing will be done in aggregate between the 2 PEs? I would want to limit the CE bundle to be able ...


We are in a situation to test the performance and error rate of Ethernet Leased circuit, we have Cisco ME Switches on both ends of the circuit and want to perform BERT Testing. Is there any command available on Cisco ME switches to perform BERT testi...

Hi All, I am trying to use a 100G Copper DAC cable between a Nexus 9300 router and an ASR 9006 with a A9K-4x100GE card. The cable works fine between the two nexus switches in their QSFP 100G ports, but I cannot get it to link from the Nexus to the A9...

I have a few ASR-920-24SZ which I'm testing. All ports light up yellow. When plugging in a GLC-SX-MM or GLC-SX-MMD the it gets detected in the CLI. But I'm not getting any green uplink. (all SFPs and fiber cable is working tested in many other cisco ...

Vincent5 by Beginner
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Does anyone know about wan-phy features on: A99-4HG-FLEX-TRASR 9900 400GE Combo Packet Transport Line Card - 5th GenerationI can not see any configuration guide relate to Controller WAN-PHY for this line card on Internet.

A.Putin1 by Beginner
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Hello, I have a client who installed an ASR Edge router and wants to give public IPs to his clients, the truth is that I have been researching but I cannot find the material on how to do this. I understand that I have to connect the ASR to an AS BGP ...

I'm not quite sure if I know exactly what a Metropolitan Access Network is. I am under the impression that it is the Core optical backbone for a service provider in a Metropolitan area. Is this correct? It sounds right but I just want a little clari...

sammycisco by Beginner
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Hello everybodyI need to replace a faulty A900-RSP3C-400-S.Does this card automatically synchronize with the IOS and ROMMON version of the card in ACTIVE?Or do I have to do something?Thank you

vin.marco by Beginner
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