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Amit Singh2000

Alternate to VPLS

Hi Guys,

       We have a MPLS based core network. At this stage they have 2 sites in Different cities. We configured xconnect for them. Both sites are ethernet based..Because it was point-to-point we configured xconnect..

Now they have a new site coming very soon and they want this  third site to talk to other two sites.. The third site makes the whole scenario point-to-multipoint..

Correct me if i am wrong... for this to work i thought of VPLS as 1 valid option so that all 3 sites can talk to each other..

(My Network Doesnt have VPLS enabled yet.)

Is there any other way for these sites to communicate via MPLS cloud ?? any tricky or fancy way for these 3 sites ??

Thanks in advance ...


Mahesh Gohil
Rising star

Hi amit,

it seems like vpls is the only way for this but yes there is always a fancy way which is manual.


you can create two VC from central site to two different cities. but in this case total no. of vc required is 3..

1- from one city to other city

2- from central site to first city

3- from central site to second city.

In addition to this you have to configure the central site port to trunk port with two vlan allowed to avoid any additional lastmile.

this option is little hectic if more sites are going to add. so vpls is best option

option is with you.



Hi Mahesh

As per your suggestion, when customer will add a different vlan in that case a new ip subnet is required. But as per the requirement a same broadcast domain need to be extended. Please correct me if i am wrong.


Shivlu Jain

Also for VPLS your cisco router must have sup 720, if you are having a routers like 7200 the best is to provide the l3 mpls.


Shivlu Jain

Hi shivlu,

You are correct..From provider point of view we will have different subnet with different broadcast network. But if you take scenario of LAN-To-LAN

and  if I am not running any bridging or vrf-lite at customer end then . I will have common broadcast domain.

I mean to say I can reach from central site LAN to two different city LAN with no issue.

Please corect me if i am wrong