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Bandwidth Test MPLS WAN Circuit between 2 WAN sites



I have an MPLS network and a circuit that is 1.5 Mbps. I do not believe that I am receiving the full 1.5 Mbps speed on my WAN circuit. I want to complete a test on my own to determine the bandwdith on this circuit. I want to make sure that I am getting the full 1.5 Mbps on this circuit.

How can I test this myself? The site that I would like to test has a 2811 router and the head end router is a 7206 router. Are there any routing commands that I can use to complete this test or is there some software that is free that I can use to test this?

Thanks you for any response, Have a Great Day

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You can use IPERF, this is a very good freeware used by most to test the limits of the available bandwidth available.

As far as i know this is the fastest and free way to test the bw limits.

Here is the homepage for the same:



I am a little about this tool. Do I install the service on two windows servers. One at the remote location and the other at the HQ location? Do I just ping the two servers after I have IPPerf running?

Yes thats correct one side would be server mode and other the client mode.

One in server mode would be receiving data from the client.

No you cannot ping.You have to push the data through the client.



You can download the binary for windows, if you dont prefer linux, from here

Run it 2 machines on either side of the MPLS WAN link.

The machine which you want to make as a server you can run this command in dos prompt in the installed folder (for eg: c:\iperf)

iperf -s -D this will make that machine a server and run the service in daemon mode.

("c:\iperf\iperf -s -D")

On the other side, you can simply install it and go to the installed folder, since you have a T1 link, you can use the below to test the bandwdith.

c:\iperf\iperf -c -t 60 -b 1.5M

the above will try to send UDP data to test the bw limit of 1.5M max and it will test this for 60 seconds.

once installed you can explore varoius helpful options using "c:\iperf\iperf --help"

Once you are familiar with the CLI version you can then move on to the GUI as you would be knowing the options.

Hope this should be helpful.



Thanks a lot for you help on this. Have a Great day Swaroop

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