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Configuring MPLS on between customer site

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Level 1

Hi Guys,

I'm naive in terms of knowing MPLS, but want to know one thing. I'm going to take up a task to configure MPLS networks between sites, where the Service provider has already setup their part. So my questions are

1). As a customer what needs to be configured on my router? as per the reading i don't have to do anything that is relavent to MPLS.. am i right?

2). What IP address Type (Private or Public IP) the serial link that is going to connect to Service provider will be assigned? I think it will be a Public IP address, Am i right?

3). Do i have to configure BGP? If yes can i advertize my LAN MPLS networks (Private IP) into BGP? i think that is against the rules of BGP? Am i getting confused here? Most of examples out there are with Private IP's, so in reality all of them are Public IP's?

Can someone clarify this for me please?



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Ivan Krimmel
Level 7
Level 7

Hi Red,

are you going to implement MPLS VPN service together with your ISP or they just implement MPLS in their core(not too much meaning then) and you need to peer with them from different offices? in case of MPLS VPN:

1) no you don't. The whole thing is that you'll not notice that your ISP has implemented MPLS is the core(well, until you do a traceroute until they allow you to see there's MPLS). You don't need anything related to MPLS on your CEs;

2) most likely private, if the goal is to connect only your offices together, but you may need public addresses depending on your requirements. Anyway, from MPLS VPN prospective private are fine;

3) it is ok, your routes are isolated in your vrf/vpn, so you'll not collapse the Internet;