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how to activate secondary internet link from a shared sub interface given by mpls service provider

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Good  day,

Could you please help me to find  a way to activate a secondary internet link provided via sub interface which is configured on the backup mpls router which is not passing thorugh ASA??? Attached current design for reference.

we have a backup mpls router in our head office where service provider created a sub interface to activate the secondary internet services but this router doesn't passing throigh our ASA.

requirements are :

1) Need to make the backup mpls router to pass thorugh firewall(ASA)

2) Modify the current ASA configuration to use both Primary & secondary internet servcies

we  have a proxy server as well(web sense). need to know what are all the changes required to activate the secondary internet link.

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Hi Kamlesh

Would you please draw with a bit more detail like where you are doing your NAT operations do you have your own AS number and IP addressing, what is the speed of the new MPLS link and is it from a different ISP. Also by "activate secondary" do you mean active-active usage of both links?


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