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MPLS TE over Port-channel interfaces


I get the following 'warning' when configuring MPLS TE on a port-channel interface. Any comments on what the limitations to using TE on a port-channel interface are?

7606(config)#interface port-channel99

7606(config-if)#mpls traffic-eng tunnels

%Warning: MPLS TE support is limited for port-channel interfaces.

For additional information, please contact the MPLS TE product manager.

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

I think that you might be hitting the bug CSCsi55462.Traffic Engineering is not a supported configuration under

port-channel interface. However, limited support for Traffic

Engineering is allowed with the following caveats:

1) Zero bandwidth tunnel

2) No FRR support


I configured TE and FRR on Port-Channel also. I saw some TE Tunnels worked with FRR, some didn't. I enclose here for reference.

Router#sho mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute database

Headend frr information:

Protected tunnel In-label Out intf/label FRR intf/label Status

Tunnel1000 Tun hd Po1:implicit-nul Tu1004:implicit- ready

Tunnel1001 Tun hd Po2:implicit-nul Tu1005:implicit- ready

LSP midpoint frr information:

LSP identifier In-label Out intf/label FRR intf/label Status

Router#show mpls traffic-eng tunnels brief

Signalling Summary:

LSP Tunnels Process: running

Passive LSP Listener: running

RSVP Process: running

Forwarding: enabled

Periodic reoptimization: every 10 seconds, next in 8 seconds

Periodic FRR Promotion: every 300 seconds, next in 146 seconds

Periodic auto-bw collection: every 300 seconds, next in 133 seconds


CISCO ISC-P139 - Po1 up/up

CISCO ISC-P141 - Po2 up/up

CISCO ISC-P145 - Po1 up/up

CISCO ISC-P147 - Po2 up/up

CISCO ISC-B181 - Po2 up/up

CISCO ISC-B182 - Po1 up/up

CISCO ISC-P166 Po2 - up/up

CISCO ISC-B187 Po1 Po2 up/up

CISCO ISC-B188 Po2 Po1 up/up

CISCO ISC-P159 Po1 - up/up

CISCO ISC-B185 Po1 Po2 up/up

CISCO ISC-B186 Po2 Po1 up/up

CISCO ISC-P173 Po2 - up/up

CISCO ISC-P174 Po2 Po1 up/up

CISCO ISC-B189 Po1 - up/up

CISCO ISC-B190 Po2 Po1 up/up

CISCO ISC-P153 Po1 Po2 up/up

CISCO ISC-P155 Po1 - up/up

CISCO ISC-B183 Po1 Po2 up/up

CISCO ISC-B184 Po2 - up/up

Displayed 6 (of 6) heads, 8 (of 8) midpoints, 6 (of 6) tails

Can you explain more detail about the limited support for TE on Port-channel?

Many thanks

Hi all,

I make some configuration mistake. It'w fixed and now all TE tunnel work with FRR.

By the way, can anyone explain more about the limited support for TE on port-channel?

Thanks anyway,

Hi, we have a similar problem. We aer trying configure MPLS TE under poertchannel interface, and it's not is not recognized. We have two chassis 6509 in VSS.

So, we need help. 


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