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PSEUWIRE when routing is in a VRF

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Hi guys,

I'm trying my first VPLS static config between two AS920 and I cannot find a way to define under pseudowire config, a neighbor which is only reached in a VRF not in the Global Routing Table.

Something like "neighbor vrf <vrf_name> <ip> <vc>"

Can this be done, or all pseudowire must be routable in the Global Routing Table?


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Hi thanks for the help, nevertheless I don't think this represents my scenario.

Put it simple, the idea is to have two PE's back-to-back running mpls (exchange ldp messages to label frames) (according asr920 documentation VPLS-static, runs only over mpls not L2TPv3) and on each PE I should create a VFI that would glue a bridge-domain on the LAN side and a pseudowire on the WAN side, up to here everything is ok, and working. But the pseudowire creates a kind of Layer 2 network overlay, emulating a L2 services over a Layer3 network, so to create the pseudowire between the 2 PE's they need to reach each other via Layer3 and that's fine if my routing table that allows that, is the global routing table, but if it is a VRF, it seems that there is no way to do it, which seems very strange to me.



sorry can you draw topology ?

Yes of course, topologically it's the simplest thing we can find out, I even had one more site so it justifies VPLS.

Imagine you want to make available the same vlan 600 across 3 remote sites. The way I understand how it works is represented in the drawing. The problem is, when creating the PW, how can I tell in the PW configuration that the neighbor PE is reachable through the VRF routing table, if the routing that connect all sites is configured inside VRF's.











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