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I have a WAN(SHDSL) link between 2 sites, serivce provider has MPLS core network.

Site 1 -- Cisco 878 --- MPLS CORE --- SHDSL MODEM(BRIDGED)---- Cisco ASA 5505 --- Site 2

I want to prioritize the traffic for Port TCP 3389 between sites, I have been told to mark TCP 3389 traffic with IP PRECEDENCE 3, I have read through the documentation and couldnt find where you can use "set ip precedence" command, all i could find was match command.

Service Provider will only configure cisco 878 router and i have to deal with the other end.

Cisco ASA 5505 i have is with Base Licence with 3 VLANs (INTERNT, WAN, LAN)

Could someone give me a hand with this.




when you deal with QoS, you have to:






class-map match-any CLASS1

match access-group [acl#] !


policy-map MARIO

class CLASS1

set ip precedence 3

class class-default

set ip precedence default


int x/y

service-policy MARIO in/out

Hope this help

Steve Lyons

You will want to use Modular Quality of Service. Access-lists will define interesting traffic, Class-maps are used to define traffic class and match access-lists. Policy-maps are used to identify what action should be performed against a class-map. Use the service-policy command under interface configuration to apply the policy-map.

Set ip precedence is configured under the policy-map.

Please refer to the following document:

Steve Lyons - Cisco

based on the config mentioned above the traffic has been clasiffied and marked as precedence 3

there wasnt any kind of prioritization

so let assume the config above applied to the router inernal interface (facing the LAN)

u need another policy map that match the precednce 3 ( which u marked it before ) and riortizeit

class-map map2

match ip precedence 3

policy-map policy2

class maps2

priority percent 30

class class-default

fair queue

interface (outside interface)

service-policy policy2 out

good luck

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Thanks everyone for the replies, As i mentioned in my initial post, i dont get the option of marking the packet (SET PRECEDENCE) when defining the class-map all i get is "match" there isnt any "set" option available to use,

Site 1 router's Qos config is mentined below

class-map match-all RDP

match access-group 150



policy-map remote

class RDP

bandwidth 256

set precedence 3

class class-default



interface ATM0

no ip address

no ip unreachables

no ip route-cache cef

no ip route-cache

load-interval 30

no atm ilmi-keepalive

service-policy output remote

access-list 150 permit tcp any any eq 3389

first of all

with class-map there no set and no need for set

the set u find it with policy only as u have done above

the above config showing that u have given 256 kbp to ur rdp traffic when its leave ur router

so i dont think u need the set ip precednce here just remove it because it dosent make sense here

unless u want to mark this traffic and u se it on the other side of your network

so based on ur requeremnt u just need a garanteed bandwith for ur rdp

so bandwidth command enogh

by the way

can also put ur rdp in LLQ

by replacing the bandwith statment by priority statemnt

but in this case u will limit ur traffic to that traffic regardless ur network is congested or not

this is used for voice normaliy

good luck

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Sorry about that, my objective here is to achieve end to end QoS, to get that packet to be prioritize through out the core network to the other end.

LLQ is definatly not suitable for me.


in this case

what u need

make a matching statment by ur acl to what traffic u want to be mark

them match with a class-map

then make a policy map that mark that traffic with lets say ip presedence 3

apply it to the inside router interface in the indound direction

then mak a calss map that only match whay u have marked befor

lets say

class-map map1

match ip presedence 3


policy-map policy1

class map1

bandwidth 256

and apply it on the outside interface in the outbound direction

till now u have done one way qos

do the same but in the reverse direction othe other side router

it is like

mark --- match the marked traffic--prioritize

hope this helpful

I think we getting to the point where we started, ASA is not letting me mark the traffic, or may be i m missing something, have you experienced this kind of QoS with Cisco ASA?

becasue firewalls not intended to be a qos device its weak in this point

it has very limited qos capability

so what i suggest u is either place a router

or use a switch in site 2 to mark the traffic for u

with asa u r able to make priorities

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