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Small ISP MPLS Core

What would be the smallest implementation of an MPLS core that would run a small ISP?

I am looking at transferring a client over from a bunch of P2P links into an MPLS core built up from a 3750 stack and a couple 2911 routers.

I was going to assing each customer to a separate vrf on each switchport and use the two routers as the MPLS core

Does anyone have any basic designs of a small MPLS core I could reference?




You need to provide more details on the existing set up;

Why would you put every customer in a VRF?

"What would be the smallest implementation of an MPLS core that would run a small ISP?" - That is like saying, "how long is a peice of string?".

Be more specific - small ISP is between 1 and 500 devices I guess, how big exactly is this ISP? What are the requirements etc.



OK I am learning the theory of MPLS and have setup in GNS3 an MPLS core with 6 routers and 2 customers with 2 sites each in separate VRF's so am comfortable with the technology.

What I am not sure on is the real world implementation of it.

The ISP currently has 8 customers 1 is 500 customers across 3 sites, others are 50 users in 2 sites and a few are single sites. All run P2P links into the data centre and aggregate on a 3560 switch, which then routes to an ASA for internet.

The client wants to run an MPLS core, and I am just trying to work out if this is overkill for the size of the company at the moment?

They want to spec it up for future growth, but only run a single site. My question is scaling the options up from simply implementing separate vrf's on the 3560 per customer (The reason so they can run the same address space?)

I just can't figure how you would implement a topology such as this

Into a single site data centre, would a topology like this span across multiple sites? Or would it all live in the same rack?

Would the PE's be 6500's and P routers be 3825's or better?

I just cannot find anything on the internet that covers a real world design of an MPLS core that actually covers hardware.

I understand this question is like how long is a piece of string, but taking the topology in the link above as an example what hardware would you use for this? And where geographically would the routers sit?

Many Thanks


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