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Throughput testing via TFTP across global regions


Hi Experts,

Just wish to ask if I performed a tftp transfer from a CE in say Chicago (44 Meg WAN link)  to a CE in say Malaysia (10Meg WAN link), is it correct to assume that BW traffic should show a significant increase in utilization given that traffic on both CEs are at a minimal during the tftp transfer?

TFTP transfer by the way was just copying the image from the Chicago CE to the CE in Malaysia.

Are there any concerns involving tftp transfers across regions?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The tests done with TFTP is UDP traffic, and therefore unreliable. Also copying from a file system from the router is typically much  slower.

Can you perform this test from pc/laptop behind the CE routers.

Best Regards,


Pavol Golis
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

IOS can generate its maximum as "traffic generator" when doing ping with large size,timeout 0 and a lot of repeat, something like this: "ping size 1400 timeout 0 repeat 10000". Set your interface load-intervals to 30s and observe (ping must last for at least those 30s).

However as mentioned by Bheem, its best to use transfer between PCs, something TCP based like FTP.

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