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VRF-Lite on one 6509; How to route traffic from global to VRF.

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Level 4

To anyone that can lead me in the right direction:

I have a 6509 switch with IOS " s3223-adventerprise_wan-mz.122-33.SXJ2.bin"  on it. I am running VRF-lite on it and would like to route some subnets from the global route table to the VRF route table. How can I do this and stay on the same physical switch.  I am using EIGRP for the global network and route table and static routing within the the VRF.  Any suggestions or recommendations?  Thanks in advance for your help in this matter...

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blau grana
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Level 7


Easiest to use is import maps for routes leaking but they work only for BGP learned routes which will be leaked int VRF.

You can use static routes for same thing, but it will be unmanagable if you want to leak a lot of routes. I use this scenario on:

R1#sh ver | i IOS

Cisco IOS Software, 3700 Software (C3725-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.4(18), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

So do not know if this will be working on your c6509.

You just configure static routes:

- for prefixes in global table you configure static routes in VRF and use next-hop and outgoing interface from global table

- for prefixes in VRF table you configure static routes in global table and use next-hop and outgoing interface from VRF

Best Regards

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Best Regards Please rate all helpful posts and close solved questions

Mohamed Sobair
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Level 7


You need to use (Static route) in both directions, One Static in the VRF table points to the Global interface, and another one in the Global point to the VRF interface for the recieved traffic. After that, you Can Redistribute the Global Static route into Eigrp for end-to-end connectivity!


Consider you have 2 interfaces in your Core SW-6509: One is G0/1 and the other is G0/2

G0/1 is placed into the Global table , and G0/2 is part of VRF (X)

interface G0/1

IP address

inteface G0/2

ip vrf forwarding X

ip address

Consider Subnet Y.Y.Y.Y in the Global and you want to have it accessible from the VRF!

configure this:  (ip route vrf X  y.y.y.y y.y.y.y.y G0/1 Global)

Configure also this for the return traffic from the Global table: (ip route z.z.z.z G0/2)

You Can then redistribute the Global static into the Eigrp as below:

router Eigrp 1

no auto summary

redistribute static metric