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How do I force a Interface/XConnect up?

Hello,I'm currently deploying some ISR 1900 as MPLS hand off with xconnect and would like to do testing to make sure that the configuration is correct, but I can not find a way to force my customer facing interface in a up state without them plugging...

vlan Putting in err-disable state.

How to troubleshoot this log:%PM-4-ERR_DISABLE_VP: elmi evc down error detected on Fa0/24, vlan 101.  Putting in err-disable state. Thank you very much.upe11#sho ethern cfm domDomain Name: provider_domainLevel: 4 Total Services: 2  Services:  Type Id...

ISIS Multi-Topolgy Core

Hi All,          With four routers in the core running ISIS Multi-topology for (IPv4 and IPv6) on all interfaces and the loopbacks, i can see all the necessary routes for IPv4 but not IPv6.Despite enabling address-family for IPv6 and multi-protocol u...

ASR9K to ME3800 l2vpn Config - Need Help

Hi,We have 2 ASR9K's and 6 ME3400's in an OSPF layer 3 ring with an MPLS core. We have been creating VPLS links for customers from ME3400 to ME3400 with no problems. Now we are trying to configure the same VPLS tunnel from a ME3400 to an ASR9K but ca...

wbashlor by Beginner
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MPLS - Bytes Switched is Zero

Hi eveyone,To try to explain the scenario, we have a solution with Inter-AS Option C. In ASBR when we run the following command: RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:Router#show mpls forwarding labels 16350Mon Jul 23 16:53:11.282 WESTLocal  Outgoing    Prefix             ...

MPLS-vpn over L2TPv3

Dear all,I have the following Network; I have 3 routers are  running L2TP V3 (R2,R2,R3) one HUB and 2 Remotes  to carry MPLS traffic from MPLS Routers (R4,R5,R6) as diagram shows I have attached the configurations of MPLS routers:When I issue this co...

Problem connecting to Level3 DIA

I have trouble connecting a Level3 DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) to my 3560 switch. It works fine if I connect it directy to the outside interface of my ASA5540. Since I have a single internet handoff I need to connect it to a switch in order to im...

Sean Kim by Beginner
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Packet out of sequence Query

Hi, In our MPLS network we are planning two add one more WAN link between two nodes of same bw as of existing link, say two WAN link of 200Mbps. As a IGP we are running OSPF and MPLS enabled on the WAN. If the traffic gets load balance on both the pa...

Resolved! Route Distinguishers

I have a customer who requires a private MPLS infrastructure to support his separate businesses. The use of private addresses and AS numbers for the formation of Route Distinguishers is ‘strongly discouraged’ in RFC 4364 (and arrangements for a conne...

MPLS with Static router PE - CE

please can anybody send me a working configuration on GNS3 for this issue(MPLS with Static Route) i couldn't make it working , so if somebody has the configuration with the topology please send it to me ,,,, thanks in advanced for your cooporation ,,...

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