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Hi All,          Can someone please help me out with what the below error message means and how to get rid of it. %CLNS-3-BADPACKET: ISIS: LAN L1 hello, bad circuit type 0 from ca01.1320.0038 (GigabitEthernet3/0)Without any debugging on, some of my r...

Hi dears,I already have a MPLS network built on old Cisco 1841 with 12.4(24)T4 release, now for a new branch we move on new 2911 with 15.1(4)M3To configure MPLS tag switching I apply on C1841 configuration like:-------------mpls label protocol ldp!in...

Hi,I would like to know: when an Ingress Router In a Mpls domain Set LSE-TTL to 255 and send the packet in the domain, hedoesn't decrement its? First Hop in the domain will receive the mpls packet with LSE -TTL = 255, no with 254.Is it right?ThanksBy...

edge7mpls by Beginner
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Hello,I am planning for a network capable of MPLS VPLS and supporting 802.1Q tunneling with only C6506 routers.I read that only  SIP-600 line cards with SPA support this on c6500, however when using sup2T, it is supported natively.I currently have WS...

chrismmmm by Beginner
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Resolved! VRF,LDP and MPLS

Dear Folks,I am preparin for hte cisco certifications in service provider field, Please help me in the following.I have a network scenario shown below. A diagram also attached in jpeg format.                                                           ...

In a cluster of multiple route-reflector, is it necessary for the route-reflectors to be peers to each other? Does the use of the cluster id have any effect on this?

olorunloba by Contributor
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DearsI need your assistance please regarding A-VPLS core load-balanceAs I understood, A-VPLS inserts a new label "Flow Label" so that this label can be used in core routers to acheive load-balancing as shown in figure 2Now my questions 1- P router ha...

hi,    we are facing problem with L2 MPLS VPN our scenerio is this that we are trying to connect our two branches through MPLS L2 VPN on our both sites we are using 3560 switches and Service Provider is using extreme networks switches and the service...

For MPLS netwrok, why it is necessary or recommended to have only "P" Routers on your main e.g: 10G linkWhy it is not recommended to have "PE" routers connected as part of Metro Ring??

junaide45 by Beginner
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Good morning, I have the scheme, including three devices: C7200, ASR9k, C7600. C7200 and ASR are in the same AS (iBGP-vpnv4 peers). ASR and C7600 - eBGP-vpnv4 peers. All relationships have been established. I can ping 7600 from ASR within vrf, but I ...