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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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Hi All, i am trying to integrate ASA (8.6) with ACS (5.7), below is the ASA configuration, sh run | in aaaaaa-server RADIUS protocol radiusaaa-server TACACS+ protocol tacacs+aaa-server TACACS+ (management) host authentication http c...

rkandasa1 by Level 1
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Hi there,ASR1k SXP aggregation routing and interface with VRF setup for SXP usage (and Loopback addressing)SXP version 4 will be used. There is an ASA which forces us to use SXP v2 also. The thinking was to make use of a VRF on the ASR1k SXP aggregat...

hpretori by Cisco Employee
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Hi all, ISE v1.4Customer wants to use another system to send commands or upload info onto ISE, and also retrieve information from ISE. One item specifically is they have an existing system for exempting devices and would like this system to connect t...

hpretori by Cisco Employee
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I have a network with a centralized ISE server and several distributed WLCs, these controllers assigned IP, but they consult the user and password to the database server ISE 1.4 redirecting the users to  sponsor portal. I have some problems with this...

Hello all, I am curious how people are dealing with printers and 802.1x. We are using MAB to authenticate the devices which works fine. We have begun to implement the black hole concept as our next phase. We have built a vlan 86 that is strictly laye...

Jason Mann by Level 1
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Hello everybody, i am very new to cisco ise but i have one simple question which can be stupid, all Cisco switch ports are configured with dot1.x on switch to authenticate the machine against Microsoft AD, if in case i opened a brand new pc how i can...