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Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), Zero Trust Workplace
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I am running ISE 2.4 (patches 1 to 5) with Tacacs+ enabled . I am trying to add a Network Device Group using the REST API. I am doing the tests with Postman.I am reproducing the example found in the "External RESTful Services (ERS) Online SDK" API Do...


I plan to integrate Meraki AP's into ISE. I need to add the Meraki AP's as network devices to ISE. Assuming the AP's are on the same subnet couldn't I simply create a single network device in ISE for the AP's and use a subnet address for them instead...

pacavell by Cisco Employee
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Hi expert,   My customer will plan to upgrde the ISE from V2.3 to V2.3.6. They would like to know If the upgrade fail, Is there downgrade guide? or should they re-image the ISE to the V2.3 and restore the configuration(V2.3)? I am looking forward to ...

Jihye Han by Cisco Employee
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Hello Team,   1) My customer is interested in using O365 MDM that comes free with O365. This is not the same as intunes.  Just wondering if we support it on ISE yet?    2) Also, do we have any integration issues with MDM when ISE is a part of SDA fab...

manasjai by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! SR is 686525078

Summary: They renewed their company CA. TAC stated that ISE cannot hold 2 certs with the same subject name. This seem to work before and this is a bug. Customer wanted to ensure this was a to be fix. It seemed the TAC was not sure.

Hi all,    When using an application condition for posture, does the letter case on the process name string have to be exact?    For example:  If the process name field is set to "ExampleProcess", will a process with the name "exampleprocess" still ...

hvalenci by Cisco Employee
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I would like to please get some feedback about lSE-PIC leveraging the Active Directory Agent for Easy Connect.  I have been told recently by a Cisco Engineer that the AD Agent is not supported with Easy Connect.  Is this true?  If Easy Connect is not...